Friday, July 25, 2008

I am NOT compulsive!

After staying up way too late and getting up way too early, I was exhausted. I went into the bathroom around 10 pm to get my pajamas on and start winding down. Somewhere between getting my contact case out of my makeup drawer and brushing my teeth, I took a wrong turn.

Suddenly, 20 minutes later, I've emptied the makeup drawer out and am sorting through shades of eye shadow I haven't worn in three years.........or maybe I never wore them. I don't know where they came from.

In addition to mascara and blush and concealer (which is a staple), I'm finding a Fisher Price pocket knife and a ceramic heart necklace made by Garrett when he was in first grade. Everything must come out. It's a treasure trove. It's more than a makeup drawer. There are buttons for blouses that have already been given away, scout pins, notes from small children who don't even live here anymore, a baggie of ibuprofen, etc. I empty it all onto the counter.

The drawer is wiped clean and then I start to put things back. Should I organize the drawer alphabetically: blush, concealer, foundation.....wait...eye shadow comes before foundation. Or maybe I should organize it in order that it goes on: concealer, foundation, blush. Or maybe I should organize it by color or at least put the five items I use everyday in the front. Hey do you think the Container Store is open now? Whatever!

Once everything is out away and I've filled a plastic grocery bag with buttons, nail files, cotton balls, and samples of perfume from 1985, I move on to the next drawer. WAIT! It's 10:30! Seriously, what am I thinking? How did I get involved in this? I wake up from my compulsive coma and realize that there are at least 192 drawers, cupboards and closets in this house. And 190 of them need to be cleaned out. And guess what? Now is probably not the time to delve into this project.

I shut the jewelry drawer and turn off the bathroom light. I shut the bathroom door so I don't get lured in again. A good nights sleep will surely cure me of the desire to clean.

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