Thursday, July 31, 2008

Do you know the way to Jose?

Last night I had this great idea. Beware of great ideas.....especially at night. Brian was at Boy Scout Camp and I thought it was the perfect time to update my Norton AntiVirus, SystemsWorks, CounterSpy whatever program; well not really update it because I had already paid for the renewal but I had this sneaking suspicion that they had my money but I didn't have their product.

I was right. They emailed me the receipt, but for some reason my computer wasn't syncing up with there's and the upate hadn't transferred and it was a mess.

Even though I am pretty computer illiterate, I embark on these projects with confidence. How dumb can I be? I'm pretty smart. I can predictive text. I can set my oven for time bake. And I have this blog that I created! So see! I should be able to follow a few simple

Right away, it was apparent that it wasn't going to work. So I turned to help on their website. Option 1 - Phone a friend for a mere $9.95 or Option 2 - chat in their chatroom for free. I like to chat, especially for free.

So start your clock! It was 10:21 when Ravi greeted me. I knew immediately he was from India and we hit it off right away. I rapidly agreed to turn my computer over to him. I pretty much didn't care if he drained my bank accounts and walked away with my facebook password. Just work your magic Ravi!

He uninstalled all the Norton software and then shutdown my computer and then.................we were disconnected. I was without any kind of firewall protection. Do you know what happens when you go without firewall protection, even for just one night? Yeah, me neither. But I felt a sense of urgency to reconnect with Ravi and get him to upload the new software.

Back online I can't find Ravi but then I welcomed into the chat room by Jose. Hey.........wait a minute! Jose isn't Indian. Am I communicating with Mexico now? Are there big call centers in Mexico. But then his whole name came up on the screen: Jose Rajesh Dhanasekaran. Phew, I felt better.

But I never did get comfy with Jose. I mean, he did fix everything but we just didn't bond. As I watched him control my cursor, it didn't move across the screen with the same spunk as Ravi had. I just had the feeling that I was interrupting Jose in a poker game with all of his coworkers in their cozy cubbies in New Delhi. Maybe I was wrong. Or maybe it was the fact that it took us until 12:39 to get everything running. Well it took him until 12:39. I was watching.

So if you every go to the free chatroom at Norton, ask for Ravi!

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