Saturday, August 2, 2008

$2,700 Not Including Bail

I had an assignment today: go to the county clerk and register two cars. Well actually I was supposed to do it yesterday and was headed down with all the required paperwork when I reached in the glovebox to get the proof of insurance and WHOA..........I hadn't insured that car. So I turned around and went to the pool.

I left early this morning to beat the crowd. I waited my turn. When I went up to the window, I handed her 1 stack of paper for 1 car. I wanted to keep this as simple as possible. She went over the stack and then made a clicking sound and shook her head. "Oooohhhh.........mmmmmm......." What? What? Speak to me! She said that since Brian's name is the only one on the title, HE has to come in OR...............well, there is an affadavit and if he signs it, my name will be added to the title and I can come back and register the cars.

I am evil. So it didn't take me long to concoct my plot. I smiled sweetly and told her we were so lucky because my husband works really, really close by. She was very excited and said that when I came back later today, I wouldn't have to wait in line. I could just come right back to her desk. So......I gathered my stacks of paper and went out to the car. I drove around the building, put the car in park, signed the affadavit and read a couple of chapters in my book. Then I returned to the clerk's office. She was so excited that it had only taken me 20 minutes to track down my husband and get the papers signed. I smiled and told her he would much rather sign than come in himself (not a lie).

We completed the paperwork and I wrote a check for $2,700! WHAT? I could buy a whole new car for that. But then I would have to insure it and register it and I'd be right back where I was. $2,700 is highway robbery. But I didn't dare cause a scene because they aren't going to adjust the price and I felt lucky that I wasn't in jail calling Brian to stop by the ATM for bail money. I got out of there with my license plates and titles as fast as possible!

In case, you are a blog stalker, work for the DMV or one of my friends who isn't really a friend and want to turn me in, I've since checked. It actually wasn't illegal to sign my husbands name.........well not if he knew I was doing it. I told him when he got home from work. So he did know! Just a little late!


Theresa said...

ROFL! I would have done the same thing. Glad you got out of there with only owing $2700.

Stacy said...

You go girl! Way to work the system. But seriously...$2700 to register two cars? I'm staying in Texas.