Thursday, May 5, 2011

Garrett's SUPER FUN Weekend

Well, well, well, I have sooooooooo much to talk about!
Hmmm......mission preparations? Mother's Day?  the Post Office?  Garrett & Megan's super fun weekend?

Last weekend was a whirlwind of FUNNESS!

Garrett's friend Megan came to town to say, "Goodbye" before he leaves on his mission.
Megan's parents were kind enough to let her fly over from Provo.
Garrett had everything all planned out.  He even arranged for Megan to stay at my brother's house (two doors away) to relieve any parental anxiety.

I have never seen anyone pack so much fun into 72 hours!

Thursday afternoon, as soon as Megan arrived, Garrett wanted to go to a craft store and buy Megan a princess crown and decorate it.  He wanted her to wear it all weekend.  She said, "No."

So, they decided to make cookies
 I helped!
 We made these BLOWOUT COOKIES from Simply So Good, Garrett's friend's mom's recipe blog.
 We all made a delicious grilled dinner and then they built a fire in the firepit.  They were too full for the S'mores.
Friday, they took a picnic and decided to hike up Red Rocks.
They went by Grandma Carol's house to visit her and introduce Megan to her.
Then they came home and went to the Rockies game.  It was freezing and the Rockies got killed.  Look how disappointed these two were.
 They are obviously miserable.  Saturday, they went to Build-A-Bear.
Then they came to Parker's last lacrosse game.
 We all went to Mt. Fuji for some teppanyaki cooking.  Parker's is "enthralled."

 Megan finally put on the crown..........and a mustache.  Isn't she darling.........and a good sport?
 They went on a group date to a skating rink in the ghetto.
Oh!  Look who took a date! (besides Garrett)
And then Sunday came too quickly.  We all went to church and Garrett took Megan back to the airport.
A good time was had by all.
Tears were shed.


Paula said...

Mmmmm. . . . I'm thinking by those pictures, you might be seeing her again after Garrett's mission. . . mothers know these things.

Sew.What. said...

Oh she's beautiful, they made a handsome couple. I agree with Paula, seems like it's gonna be worth the wait.

Dawn said...

Oh, they are so cute, I just want to pinch their cheeks! Sounds like a Super Awesome Fun Weekend! Plus, you know, mustaches. Can't go wrong with mustaches.

Now, how did Nana like her?

Danelle said...

How cute and fun and wonderful! Anyone girl who will be photographed with a fake mustache is a keeper! And because I'm so observant, I got a kick out of the chef/waiter guy at Mt. Fuji. Did I ever tell you my oldest wants to open a Japanese restaurant called Mt. Foodji? Clever, isn't he?

Julianna said...


To be young and fun again!


Stef said...

Oh no! I am so sad. What if she Dear John's him. I am scared.
But for now they look hap-hap-happy!! What a fun week!

Raven said...

Wow! What a weekend!! It looks like so much fun. And what a cute couple!