Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Black Lung, Hantavirus, Hyperglycemia & Summer Fever

Even though I am probably dying,
I'm not going to miss out on RaNDoM THouGHT TueSDaY!
Thank heavens Stacy is carrying on where Keely left off.

Read. Comment.  And then go give Stacy some love!

* So........the New York trip.........
Now THAT was a trip!
I'll have to give you all the details later.
But I will tell you that I'm pretty sure I have the Black Lung because I must have sucked up at least 3 packs a day worth of second hand smoke.
LaGuardia is NOT an airport you would like to spend SEVEN hours in.
And if you ever need to know where a good bakery is, I can HOOK YOU UP!

* Memorial Day!
How did you celebrate?
Go to the pool?

Us? Now, we know how to party!
We cleaned out our shed. 
For some reason, the boys thought that just opening the door and setting whatever they were sent to the shed with, down on the floor was a good idea....all winter long!
Thus, we could not open the door.
However, every wild animal in the state must have been able to get in the door and evidently chose to spend the winter there.
I will not gross you out, but I probably have Hantavirus!

*While celebrating Memorial Day,
I rolled up my sleeves (to get to work of course!)

Brian: "I didn't know you had shoulders."
Huh?  Wait....I'm just now getting it.

Parker: "Ahhh....sun's out, gun's out!"
Yep that's it!

* We did celebrate the Memorial Day Weekend with grad parties.
My cute niece graduated!
There was a surprise visit by our neighbors - Elizabeth & Armie.
No, this is not how they came to the party.
They were in town for a wedding.

* Armie is getting ready to film Snow White.
He will play Prince Charming.
Julia Roberts will play the Evil Queen.

But wait.......after that he will play the Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp as Tonto.

* I probably have Hyperglycemia from hanging out at the Candy Bar and overindulging in Sugar Cookies at my niece's party. 

As if that weren't enough,
Brian whipped up a batch of Blonde Brownies AND a batch of Homemade Brownies last night.
If I die, I will die happy!

* We have Summer Fever here!
It's the LAST week of school.
Finals are Thursday, Friday and Monday.
Parker is so set on getting done, he's arranged to take his Monday finals early.
He refuses to go back after the weekend.
Yippee for Summer!


Kristine said...

So jealous of summer vacation for you guys already. My daughter's last day is June 28th.

Raven said...

I spent Memorial Day Weekend lying around on the computer blogging, Facebooking, and watching Netflix cuz everyone I know was gone for the weekend. But, it was relaxing, and I didn't feel very well, so it was good.

I overdosed on sweets and carbs this weekend in a big way.

Can't wait to hear about NY!

Mom in High Heels said...

I had a comment all thought out, but my mind went blank when you mentioned my beloved Johnny. :)

Happy RTT!

Toni said...

I'm having a moment . . . Armie Hammer is your neighbor? (Or maybe I'm missing something?)

Anyway, Happy Random! :)

I am Harriet said...

Gosh- I hate when animals get into my shed. Good luck to you.

Guymons said...

Of all your diseases I hope the only one you really have is Summer Fever.....here in sunny california it is NOT sunny. Burr. In fact, a few times the past week I thought of Colorado the way it has random thunerstorms, downpours, and hail preceeded and followed by warm weather.

Anonymous said...

We totally went swimming this weekend and it was great! Happy Tuesday.

Andrea said...

You had...or lost...me at blonde brownies. Despite the 90 degree weather here (which is inducing some illness you somehow escaped, but I don't know the name), I might have to go make some! A little hypoglycemia sounds totally worth it!

Julianna said...

I cleaned the attic, and then the basement.

I know you're jealous. :)

Julianna said...

Oh, and I ate a whole bunch of pudding. :)

Sandra said...

It's weird but before you mentioned that Armie was going to play in two films, I was thinking, "Wow, that guy looks like Brad Pitt!" Ok, not Brad Pitt, but definitely cute. He and his wife are a gorgeous couple. Your niece is beautiful. And now, I need to google Hantavirus and think about doing a candy bar for the next party I throw!