Thursday, August 21, 2008

Garrett's Eagle Project

Garrett is midway through his Eagle project. Well, he's midway if you consider that just the "project" part of the project. Or to be optimistic, you could say he is almost finished with his Eagle project; if you are counting the project proposal and approval aspect. Or realistically, you could say he's barely dented it; if you are counting the project write-up, which is probably the most painful part of the whole project.

But, I say, let's be optimistic and celebrate! Garrett is collecting food for a local elementary school food pantry. There are 20-30 families in the school who rely on the food pantry to supplement their groceries every month. That's a lot of food! He's put a lot of work into it. He and his troop delivered grocery bags to neighborhoods. The bags had flyers telling them about the project and requesting specific food and asking them to contribute. The flyer also had a date that they scouts would come back and pick up the bag.

Last night was that date! They collected about 800 lbs of food. Way to go Garrett! Way to go Troop 453!
Thanks to the scouts who helped! Thanks to the scout leaders who drove! Thanks to the really generous and kind people who donated. Really! You would be amazed how people filled these bags with food and donated $20-$30 worth of food in each bag. Very, very generous.
Last of all, thank you to the people who thought we wanted taco shells that expired in September of 2007! Without you, I wouldn't really have humor in my life. Also, thanks to the people who donated cans of koolaid. It wasn't just any koolaid but koolaid with the label ripped off and expired. When you are hungry and down on your luck, the thing you crave most is expired, open koolaid.

Now really, most people read the flyer and donated what was specifically listed on there: pastas, sauces, dinner mixes, canned meats, cereals and canned vegetables and fruits.

What was NOT on there and for some reason the food pantry doesn't really need is bottles of tea, sample packs of splenda, a mini bag of microwave popcorn, and I kid you not, Kikkoman soy sauce packets! Really! I know. I know. We're being ungrateful and not very creative.

Anyway, we're sorting and organizing and getting everything ready to take to the school to stock their pantry.
Seriously, thanks to everyone who has supported Garrett!

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