Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nominate Me for Mother of the Year!

Brian and I walked in last Friday night and saw Parker's bike helmet in the middle of the kitchen floor.

Me: Parker why is your helmet here?

Parker: Oh, I was going to ride my bike and I got it off the shelf in the garage and it had this big spider web in it.

Me: And?

Parker: No mom, it was one of those crackly webs. So I knew it was a black widow web.

I pick the helmet up and it is soaking wet.

Me: Ahhhh...and so....

Parker: Well, I didn't really want to touch it because I was afraid the black widow was in there. So I brought it in and washed it out.

Me: Oh, for heavens sakes! There's no black widow in there. If there was, it's gone now. So go put your helmet awa................wait!

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missty said...

Oh wow!! I would of freaked! LOL Yep, Big giant spiders just freak me out, well those and slithery snakes, mice or really any creature!

Love the blog!!