Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wedding Hang Ups - Part 1

I have hang-ups......specifically wedding hang-ups. Or at least that's all we're going to focus on right now. And we're only going to focus on ONE wedding issue at a time.
Now, before people get all offended and whine that I am making fun of THEIR wedding, let me put this disclaimer out there: I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT YOUR WEDDING! You would not have done any of these things at your wedding. Most of these things are nightmares I have....made up things I worry about happening.
1) I am allergic to invitations with the Cinderella coach meandering it's way across the front to the cute saying inside, "Today, I marry my prince...yada, yada."
I've thought long and hard about this. I have invitation phobias. So, while I'm trying to get over it and thank heavens I don't have any of my own sons becoming grooms or someone's Prince Charming real soon, I have come up with several ideas. Just so you know, I've been thinking of a suitable solution to this problem since Trammell was in 4th grade.
So if a future daughter-in-law suggests the Princess invitations and then comes to me and asks how many our side would like, I can
a) Say, "No thank you. I'll just do my own invitations.
b) Tell her to go ahead and send me 100 and then accidentally throw them in the fireplace and secretly send out my own invitations.
c) Demand that my son find a new "princess."
or d) Grit my teeth and in the name of good relations, send out the tacky invites.
I'm thinking that really, as much as I like a, b, and c, my options are limited to d. This is why it continues to be a hang up for me!
Wait! There is always option e.
e) Ban my children from ever getting married.
Hmmm............this would eliminate the stress of dealing with a lot of my wedding hang-ups!


Theresa said...

Having had to look at tons of wedding invites last year, for the wedding that wasn't, was hard enough, but I remember those cards with the Cinderella coach on them. It was the one time Janice and I shared a good laugh together. As I would joke around saying there-- there's the perfect card for you! LOL, Needless to say, she didn't think so,but neither did I, and well, after everything, more so now. LOL! So glad we didn't buy those cards. LOL!

Stacy said...

It amazes me how alike you and I are sometimes. There's a reason I have boys--I'm just not girly! Now hopefully they won't choose a girly-girl as a mate. Ah well, I've got time.

Kim said...

i hope you have to EAT YOUR WORDS someday HAHAHAHA

The Crazy Coxes said...

Oh I know I will have to eat my words Kim! That's why it's a wedding hang-up I've been trying to get over in time for my children to send out tacky invites.