Friday, August 29, 2008

It Could Be Worse!

Look how excited they are to have their pictures taken! Okay so these were taken on the first day.....but they were taken AFTER school. So that could be why they are kind of smiling! They moaned and groaned and thought it was ridiculous that I would STILL want to take pics on the first day of school. It's TRADITION. IT COULD BE WORSE! I know a lady who had her kids dress up for school, pack their backpacks, pile into the car and drive over to the school. They took pics of her kids (Senior and Freshman) in front of the school, coming out of the door of the school and with their arms around each other............ON SUNDAY! Yes! Before school even started. Okay so she did it on Sunday so her kids wouldn't be embarrassed. I'd still be embarrassed. I'd be mortified! At least I just had everyone pose by the front door!

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