Wednesday, September 3, 2008

FLAG (with an L) Boys

I know, I know, you have NO idea what I am talking about! And you are probably afraid to ask. The Flag Boys have only been around at our school for the last four or five years (since Trammell was one). And funny, they haven't really caught on at other schools! What is wrong with the other schools?
So there are three boys (2 seniors and 1 junior) who are selected to be

Flag Boys each year. These guys are unofficial cheerleaders. They dress alike and have these flags that they wave around and get the crowd wound up. THANKS Margaret for making the flags!

So the Flag Boys go to every football game and are on the field with the cheers and the poms. They rile up the crowd, do

cheers with the cheerleaders (in a lame way that says "Hey these girls have been practicing all summer for this, but hey we are doing this for the first time and have no clue what we are doing.") and they even join in with the Poms for their kick line. In a tribute to teenage boydom, they basically make everything up as they go. BUT, they do throw the mini footballs and t-shirts to the crowd, which the cheerleaders can only throw to the first two rows. So that's something! It's enough to make any parent proud. ;)

Friday was the first game. Woo hoo! The boys had a blast! The flags looked great. The cheerleading sponsor said they were the best ever. So there you have it!

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missty said...

Those boys look... well a lot more masculine... then say the one boy every other year or so, we have try out for "Cheer" Seriously! About every three years we have a very gay male cheerleader. (you have to let him on, or lawsuits) We have such a PC town.
So any other "normal" boys wouldnot in anyway, do flags, etc. Not for fun, no way, no how. lol It just wouldn't catch on here, unless it was with the "gay club" wich we do have.