Sunday, October 12, 2008

Breaking With Tradition

Today was the fist Sunday in our new building. Well, it's not OUR new building, since it's in the neighboring stake. And it's not NEW since it's been completed since June. But all the defects were fixed and the two wards using the building were finally allowed to move in.

The above picture is not our new chapel - just an illustration. Our chapel is bigger and prettier ;) to our break with tradition. Since moving to Denver 12 years ago, we ALWAYS sit in the 4th row. We have been in three buidling in this time and the meeting times have changed countless times. But one thing remains constant: WE SIT IN THE 4TH PEW.

Two weeks ago, I decided we would break out. We'd do something crazy. We would sit somewhere different. I don't think you realize how huge this is! I offered to buy the 4th pew several years ago. No one would take me up on my offer. I have actually thrown people out of the 4th pew. Luckily they knew me. Still, they were a little offended. My husband's response: "Gina, you can't just make people move." My humble response, "Yes I can."

I announced my plans to the children last week. Plus I added another crazy twist: Not only would we sit in a DIFFERENT pew, but we would sit in a DIFFERENT pew every week. The response was an overwhelming NO!

Today, we were a little late for leaving early. That's the subject of a whole different post. But in our obsessiveness, we leave for church 45 minutes early. The building is 9 minutes away!

Anyway, when we were driving to church, I reminded the children that we would be sitting somewhere different. They were so busy laughing at me for leaving at 11:47 instead of 11:45, that I don't think they heard.

So we did it! WE SAT IN THE SIXTH ROW or maybe it was the 7th. And we sat in the center of the center row. Instead of the right side of the center row. Yeah - really going out on a limb! It was really hard to hear though. The kids reminded me that we are NOT moving pews every week. But I've already scoped out where I want to sit next week. I hope someone like me hasnt already imagined that it is THEIR row or they will be sorely disappointed!


valerie said...

I'd laugh but, we do the EXACT SAME THING! We usually sit in the next to next to last row on the left side of the chapel. Every sunday. Never fail. I wonder what would happen if I changed? lol

Don and Kelley said...

I had to laugh too. We always sit in the same pew. One Sunday I had to go to a ward conference and I sat in the last pew. Well, before the meeting this older lady came up to me and told me I needed to move because that is where the older people sit. What can you do? I moved. LOL

{Amy} said...

We made the change a few years ago from the middle side to the last row on the side!! It was weird and I apologized to the family I kicked out of their regular spot! I'm ready to change again, now to the middle, the kids are too big for the side! So I have to kick out some old folks I think, I'm scoping out the ideal row.!

Stacy said...

We have our own row as well. 3rd row right side--right behind the deacons passing the sacrament. But there is a reason. It makes it easy for Chris (or whoever is bring the "special" bread) to find us. And it's close to the sacrament table so they can return the "special bread" and get "regular bread" for the regular people. Because we're special, ya know. That said, we've had people sit in "our row" before. We don't say anything, just remind Chris where we are, but it's really disconcerting!

Shirley said...

This cracks me up! We have "our own row" too. Center third row - and we sit to the left. We've sat there so long, it hurts to turn my neck if I have to sit on the right side. I guess that makes me stiff-necked. : ) I would never tell anyone to move if they sat there, but I do get a little upset if it's someone who knows that's "our" spot. There's an old church in Pennsylvania that was built by one of my ancestors. There are plaques on the first three pews saying they are reserved for my family. I really want one of those plaques!

Diane said...

we always sit in the same place....and we don't like it when new people come, or there is a baby's blessing and the baby's family is there from out of town and they take our seat...Scott has told some people, "Don't you know that this ward has assigned seating." We sat somewhere different last week for the primary Sacrament program so I could see Andrew. Guess what? He was behind the music leader during every song!