Monday, October 13, 2008

I was sound asleep! The phone rings at 10 pm and it's the bishop telling me that school is cancelled because someone just drove through the front doors of the school.
A little disoriented, I didn't really know the questions to ask, but I called all 30 students as I threw on my clothes and searched for shoes.

My girlfriend came and picked me up. I wouldn't want to miss the excitement! We were greeted by the Superintendent of Schools, the Assistant Superintendent and the Head of all High School, who promptly demanded to know why it took us so long to get there. After hugs and catching up on what happened, we arranged for a dinner out sometime soon.
Then the media and a couple hundred students showed up.
My husband has a theory that people who participate in "man on the street" interviews always look like idiots on camera. Well, here is living proof that he is right!

MyFox Colorado SUV Crashes into High School, Classes Canceled

Watch the video clip for some extremely intelligent remarks from some flag boys we all know.

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