Sunday, October 26, 2008

Out of Control!

So after my 20 seconds of perfection on Monday, my life skittered out of control. No, I don't have pictures to prove it and it was like a tornado that has left me trashed in the wake of destruction.

Please remember that my husband is the bishop of a singles ward. So all that is listed below did not happen directly to MY family but we were involved in some way. Do not panic. No one died from any of the listed incidents or by my own hands! We are all alive! ;)

1) A totalled Porsche
2) A bad break up
3) Dinner served to 300 teachers and staff TWO nights in a row
4) 14 Parent/Teacher conferences - I even conferenced with the cheerleading coach about the flag boys! That's how good a mom I am!
5) A fight including a police report, trip to the ER, stitches.
6) Football game - we won and we're still #1 in state
7) A really hard ACT test
8) Two lacrosse games with me as coach. (I even got yelled at for taking a time out 8 seconds before the game ended. Hey! I had two time ous left! I can take them whenever I want!)
9) One lacerated nose and a broken nose but since I had already been to the ER with someone's elses kid this week - I sent someone else.
10) A birthday party for PK
11) A temple wedding
12) A ring ceremony and reception
13) A baptism
14) Preparing for two high school strangers to come stay with us.

Thank heavens it's FALL BREAK this next week!


Stacy said...

Whew! I'm glad y'all have fall break too! (Wish we did.)

valerie said...

((((GINA)))) You need to be put your feet up and take a nice rest. Maybe a little bit of chocolate too. :)

missty said...

Wow, it does sound crazy!! Relax during your break!! We don't have fall break - wish we did!