Friday, October 3, 2008


I haven't updated the blog and added the final Homecoming pics because.......well, I'm over it! I lived it. I loved it. And now I'm moving on. This is why I don't take pictures or scrapbook in general. Life is really fun while you are doing it, but afterward...........not so much. We're 29 activities down the road. But are some game highlights (without the game) and some dance highlights (without the dance).

Since the flag boys don't look ridiculous enough on an ordinary night, they added face paint for an extra special effect!
The flag boys roll the barrel boy down the track after every touchdown. The flag boys love it. The barrel boy....not so much.
The pre-dinner pre-dance pictures:
A few boys and a a lot of girls. Garrett used the following criteria to decide which group he wanted to go to Homecoming with: dinner. This group was going to P.F. Changs.

Garrett and Tyler entertain themselves.

What is with girls and this stupid pose?

Garrett and Tyler are wondering "Why?"
One of the dads said he talked to his girls about how they dress and act. He said, "They just have no idea what they are doing when they dress like that!" Garrett turned around and answered, "Oh yes they do. They know exactly what they are doing." LOL

Parker was invited with the group of all freshmen.....girls.

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missty said...

Great homecoming pics!!! And yeah, my boys would decide what group to go with by which restaurant everyone is going to. Its all about the food!!!