Monday, February 23, 2009


Yessiree! It's my 100th post! And what do all REAL bloggers do when they reach 100 posts? That's right! We're having our own CRaZY GiVeaWaY! It's huge! All my sponsors are digging deep and being their most generous selves.

First - thanks to all three of you who read this blog (including Brian!) Because there are only three of you, you have a WAY better chance at winning!

Second - Forget second! Let's get on with the CRaZY GiVeaWAY!

I don't want you to get over excited. I'll start with the smaller prizes and build to the GRaND PRiZe!

One lucky winner will get 1 (one) pound of butterfrom my super secret frozen butter stash of 25 pounds. This is treasure! I'm only offering this because I normally only keep about 16 pounds in the freezer and so I was suprised to see that my butter hoarding had crossed the line to excess. So, I guess I'll share!
Another lucky winner will receive One Free Week of Wake-up Calls! Seriously! I'll even be cheerful. Right when I roll over and wake up (at 4:15 am) and before I even get out of bed, I'll call you! You don't have to worry about setting your alarm for 1 whole week. You are gonna love this prize!

Next up, thanks to Proctor & Gamble (the makers of Tide) and Maytag washing machines, one lucky winner gets dibs on whatever comes out of the boys' pockets in the next load of laundry! I know this is a little like gambling because you DON'T know what will be in those pockets. From experience though, I would bet that it will be good. So, if you need some fruity flavored lip balm, a high school ID and some loose change, THIS is the prize for you. I can't guarantee anything, but if it's like last week, you could win a WHOLE WALLET!
Cuddle up with your special someone because one faithful reader and guest will receive An Invitation to the NEXT COX PARTY/NON PARTY/"Honey, I volunteered the house EVENT. While this might look like a gamble, it's really not. YOU know that these "surprise" events happen at least once a month. I can't guarantee whether it will be a dinner, fireside or (bah humbug) a presidency meeting. Sorry, but the invite will probably be last minute since I won't find out about it until the last minute. Have your babysitter standing by!

This prize is for the thrill seeker: One Free Adventure Ride with ME and Lil Wayne in the Vehicle of your choice! Sorry, I can't let you pick the song cuz THAT is all part of the experience, but you can pick the car. Ummm......just a tiny word of warning. if you are prone to carsickness, don't pick the Suburban. And whatever you do, don't sit in the back seat either. Oh....and bring some cash (like lots) just in case we get pulled over and need bail money.

And now..........the GRaND PRiZe GiVeaWay! (they don't know it yet, but I'm sure they will oblige)
THE BIGGER WINNER gets One (full) Weekend with.........drumroll........ the BONEHEAD BROTHERS! Yeah! It's a full 48 hours of free entertainment. Who knows what they will say! Who knows what they will do! But I guarantee that you will laugh. You will shake your head. You will learn a lot! You'll want to take notes so you can tell your own kids what not to do. But you won't want to fall asleep, cuz you'll miss something!

So go ahead........leave your comments to enter!

PS - Seriously, thanks for reading and commenting these last seven or eight months!


valerie said...

WOW! Wow! WOW! what FANTASTIC prizes you have! ;) I just don't know what I'd actually do if I got to ride in a car with Little Wayne (gag). lol I think it could be a tie for best prize for a lb of butter or the bonehead brothers. lol Way to go on keeping up on your blog for all those months!

Mrs. Pickledpigsfeet said...

WOW such a wonderful give away! You've got a lot of butter in the freezer. I always run out of it while baking. I need to stock up on it.

martyeaster said...

Dibs on the butter! If I get the week of phone calls I will change my number. If I get the boneheads can they not talk and just be like little servants? If so maybe them....... but I really like butter.

Melissa said...

I want to enter, but only if I win the butter. Oh, and I'd also take an invitation to the next Cox shin-dig.

Javan said...

I laughed so hard at the possibility of winning time with the Bonehead Brothers that somebody passing my house would have thought that a crazy person lives here. (You can skip the comment on that one...)I've really been enjoying your blog, especially since I never get to see you anymore! But I do feel like I know Garrett much better now, and I also enjoy talking to him, bone-headedness and all. Thanks for the laugh this morning!

Margaret said...

Throw my name into the hat, as long as you don't wake me up!

Stephdeezy said...

I'm down wit Lil' Wayne-even if we do have to post bail. Gina ha ha ha you crack me up!

Stacy said...

I'll take the wake-up call! Can I give you Chris's number? 4:15 for you would be 5:15 for us--PERFECT for his seminary arising!

Patty Edwards said...

Can I try for the wake up call... and have you call the former employer of my choice??? ::evil laugh:::

Lewis Family said...

Gina- you are hilarious. lol

Peter, Jen and Dakota said...

You are so funny! I always enjoy reading your blog! And who would give up a chance for time spent with the bonehead brothers (maybe it will show me what I have to look forward to with a little boy of my own)..
Happy Blogging!