Friday, February 27, 2009


Phew, we made it to Friday.
This week was TRAGIC!
We were beset by all kinds of horrible, traumatic, life-changing TRAGEDIES!
1) The Front Door Broke
2) We had a Shipwreck, Campfire, and S'mores
3) I went to the Funeral for a 150 year old friend
4) Trammell's Tramping Through Trambodia

"I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow............" Don't bother! Even without the raging winds all week, the front door broke!
Okay, so it's not the front door. And that's Brian's pet peeve. It really bugs him that I use the as a front door. Well the car is in there. When I leave the house, I take the.......CAR. Does he think I'm going to walk? Anyway, the garage door goes up and down and up down 2 dozen times a day.

When I went out to the garage to go visiting teaching, I pushed the button, the garage door opener motor started humming, the garage went up two inches and STOPPED. So naturally, I pushed the button again....and again. Yep - it was broken. Not having time to investigate or really care, I did what any normal person would do.........climb through my car (cuz I didn't pull in far enough to be able to squeeze by the car) to the other side and got in the car in the other garage. Pushed the opener for that car..........and left.
I did call him from the road to tell him that he couldn't leave. Pretty considerate of me.
Upon further investigation by someone who cared, I learned that the spring was broken. We got a new set of springs that very day. Did you know that the springs are meant to last for 14,000 exchanges? That's 14,000 up and down cycles. But Sterling, the garage repair guy used up three of them "testing" his handiwork. Thanks Sterling! I'm down to 13,997 more cycles. I should have gotten a discount.
Anyway..........the door is fixed.
Thursday, we had a SHIPWRECK in seminary.
As luck would have it, we landed on an island of Barbarians. We immediately built a campfire

and made S'mores.
Okay, so we re-enacted Paul's fateful voyage to Rome (Acts 27 & 28). No wonder we had a shipwreck, our boat was made of paper. Our campfire was a toaster and our s'mores were S'more Poptarts! We had a great time!
The FUNERAL was this morning. My morning routine will forever be changed. For as long as I can remember, I have braved every kind of weather to retrieve the newspaper off the driveway, gathered a potpourri of food items and spent 30 minutes with the daily newspaper. The Rocky Mountain News has been around since 1859. I have been reading this paper since elementary school.
Today was the final edition!
I loved this paper because..............are you ready for my totally shallow reasons?
the FORMAT! It opens like a book. It is easy to hold and read. It doesn't take the WHOLE table when you open it. the COMICS! Stupid I know! But I love Zits, For Better or Worse, Funky Winkerbean and Crankshaft. the OBITUARIES! Okay they would be better if they provided the CAUSE of death, but you can't have everything. the Ed Stein Denever Square comic and political cartoons! They make me mad EVERY SINGLE DAY. He was a little dose of liberalism that I could count on to fire me up and tick me off. Oh and the ROCKY WAS the more conservative of the two papers. Now, we're a one newspaper town. I don't know if I'll keep reading. Old habits die hard though.
In not so tragic TRAMBODIA NEWS - Trammell sent an awesome email and he was very excited for transfers. His companion was transferrred out and he gets a brand new companion straight from the MTC. He was picking him up today. Well, it's 14 hours ahead, so he already picked him up and they are sleeping in their cozy little beds covered with mosquito netting in the 88 degree weather.
He loves Cambodia. He loves the people. He loves his mission president. He loves the Gospel. He loves the Lord. What more can you ask for?

It's been a good week, but I'm ready to put the "tragedies" behind me and move on to the weekend. The options are endless.
Tonight is Seminary Inservice, Ward Talent Show and selling concessions at the high school basketball playoff game with Garrett and Parker. Tomorrow includes 8 (yes that is EIGHT) lacrosse games: four for Parker and four for Garrett. Who cares about them! I'm going to be tired!


Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Good golly! You are a busy lady.

Stephdeezy said...

Well you had the eventful week and it's not even over yet. Yeesh hope you survive the coming days.

p.s. I love your gold sparkles on your new background :)

Missty said...

Busy crazy week!! And your newspaper shut down news, hit our local morning news. lol

martyeaster said...

I think your house may be cursed. We came over on tuesday and now the fiasco with Jill's truck happened. I think I will conference call from now on if I need something. I will have to call and tell you how long it took me on sunday to fix that stupid tire. What a Joke!?!?!? Good luck for this week.