Monday, February 9, 2009

Help! I'm Partying and I Can't Stop!

Remember my Non New Year's Resolutions to entertain? And remember how I took it all back? Now, I double take it back!!!!

The Resolution was to entertain people in our ward who I DON'T know yet in an attempt to get to know them. There's a billion new couples and families that moved in while Brian was Singles' Ward Bishop and even though they've been in the ward a long time, we haven't been able to "meet" them.

Well forget that resolution. I mean, I did recant it in January because we were having 11 hundred other parties. But I'm shelving it for February too.

Friday night - the Priest Quorum came over for a group dinner date. Yep, all the priests had a mutual activity on dating etiquette and planning a date. Then they planned a group date - making pizzas and playing games at......OUR HOUSE. Then they all accepted the challenge to ask someone out. It was way fun! The kids were really cute and I think everybody had a great time. Great kids! So that was an intimate dinner party for 22.

Sunday night - We did have some people we ALREADY KNOW over for dinner. It was fun, but they aren't new it doesn't count.

Monday night (tonight) - The missionaries are coming over and Parker has invited a friend over to hear the first discussion.

So I'm not rescinding my New Year's Resolution because I'm anti-social. I'm rescinding because I can't stop partying!!!!!


Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Party party party!

Stop by tomorrow for my party - It's new. Two on Tuesday with Blogging Mama!

22 kids, seriously!??

valerie said...

Sounds like things are grooving over at your house! I could come over to help you with someone you might want to get to know better although I don't go to your ward so...that doesn't help your resolution very much. lol