Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Random Things

I keep getting tagged on Facebook to write down 25 random things.
First of all, it says to copy and paste into my notes. I don't do notes. I don't know how. I barely do facebook.

Secondly, facebook is merely a spying tool. Not to spy on my friends or old schoolmates....well not really. But it's a tool to spy on my own children.

But after the 38th person tagged me, I did type up 25 random things.

Maybe, just maybe, I will post it to my facebook. But I am NOT tagging 25 more poor fools.

1. I can see the Lord’s hand in my life every single day and am grateful for small miracles and tender mercies that help me get through life.
2. I love, love, love teaching seminary and wish that after teaching five years, I could remember just 1/10 of what I have studied. My brain is a sieve.
3. I love to travel….especially with my family.
4. My four food groups are Fats, Salt, Sugar and Carbohydrates.
5. I love butter. I would never just eat butter, but I will put it on just about anything and I admit to hoarding butter in the freezer.
6. We rarely watch TV except for the news. So no, I don’t follow Lost, Heroes, American Idol, Survivor, the Office or 30 Rock.
7. I love to read and particularly enjoy historical fiction. I read every book for our church book club but never attend the meetings.
8. I love teenagers. They entertain me.
9. My spices are alphabetized and my clothes are organized by type and color, but I have several cupboards that if opened, stuff will fall out all over the place.
10. I hate to be late.
11. Food makes me happy. There is nothing better than eating and reading at the same time!!!!! And if the reading is a cooking magazine, it’s even better!
12. I love to play board games, word games and card games but my family doesn’t.
13. I hate party games – shower games.
14. Before I had children, I wanted all boys. Luckily, I got what I wanted.
15. I love lacrosse and could watch 10 games a week, which is good since all three boys play lacrosse and there have been weeks where we’ve had 7-8 games. I like the violence.
16. I HATE to ski but I went up every Saturday for three or four years and skied just so I could watch my kids ski/board. It was worth it.
17. I HATE to sweat. I don’t like to exercise or work in the yard because then you get sweaty and dirty……..and I don’t like dirt either.
18. I really enjoy living in Colorado because we have all four seasons and I like them all.
19. Even though I don’t like sweat or dirt, I love blood and gore. My fantasy job would to be a coroner or medical examiner.
20. I freak out over lost keys, missing items and insignificant things, but if there is a big emergency like a car accident, body parts getting cut off or a tornado bearing down on the school, I am really calm. THAT’S when you want me around.
21. I don’t like pets……..of any kind. Garrett had a goldfish that wouldn’t die. After three years, I flushed him.
22. I like to watch movies but we hardly ever do.
23. I am good at keeping secrets or confidences.
24. I don’t like surprises.
25. I like facebook but not for stuff like this. Oh, but I like to read everyone elses' responses! I'm a stalker!


valerie said...

LOL! We have a fish that won't die either. Each day I go in thinking this is the day and it likes to fool me but, no such luck. (shhhh don't tell kenzie) I just really hate cleaning that bowl. Loved your 25 random things.

Melissa said...

I wrote about my detestation of sweating in my 25 things, which I did post on Facebook. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

Peter, Jen and Dakota said...

I can't believe you fleshed Garrett's fish. That is to funny! You are great Gina. I enjoyed your 25 things!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Alphabetized spices... really? You'd be horrified at my 'just throw them in the cupboard and maybe they fall out when you open it method' :)

We had a fish that wouldn't die. But we moved and magically 'it died'. So sad (snicker)