Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Moment You've Been Waiting For!

I know! I know! You've been checking back every 30 seconds to see if you won anything!

With such an AMaZiNG GiVeaWaY, who doesn't want to win?

EVERYONE wanted the butter. Now that I know that there are so many butter lovers out there, I'm kind of tempted to keep it and horde more. If ALL of you love butter so much, the world might run out! And if I give ONE of my pounds away, I'll only have 24. EEK!

The winner of the FREE WEEK OF WAKE UP CALLS (at 4:15) was a hard choice. I mean who can resist Patty's plea to win it and regift it to her old employer? It's soooo thoughtful of Patty to think of her old boss! But, I have to admit my biased love of teenagers. CONGRATULATIONS to STACY! Well, it's really congratulations to STACY'S SON! It looks like he and I will be getting up for seminary together! Just email his cell number and I'll be calling next week!

I can't believe people weren't clamoring for WHATEVER COMES OUT OF THE BOY'S POCKETS IN THE NEXT LOAD OF LAUNDRY! But whatever! I'm going to surprise one of you with this. So in a way, EVERYONE is a winner here. I'm going to wait until the contents are extra special and then hand deliver them to someone to make them feel special and brighten their day!

The winner of An Invitation to the NEXT COX PARTY/NON PARTY/"Honey, I volunteered the house EVENT is definitely MELISSA, cuz she wants it soooo badly. And who could blame her? The options are limitless. I know she's waiting by the phone because it could be an invite to Ward Council, the Youth Fireside, a YM/YW Barbecue or even better the Varsity Lacrosse Team Dinner!

The One Free Adventure Ride with ME and Lil Wayne in the Vehicle of your choice is a tough decision too. Stephanie is deserving and she's a big fan of Lil Wayne! But Patty could probably use a little getaway when her ex-boss figures out that she nominated her for 4:15 am wake up calls which would actually be 3:15 am calls. So congrats Patty! We're kind of car twins too so she'll be least likely to get car sick on those turns!

AND NOW the BIGGEST Prize! The one everyone is fighting over! I heart is pounding! Really, truly, I wish everyone could win. Because I am sooo generous, I have decided that we will actually have multiple winners. I KNOW! Can you believe I would let the Bonehead Brothers out of my sight? I'm way generous! So there are THREE lucky winners. You each get One (full) Weekend with the BONEHEAD BROTHERS! I'm kind of crying at the thought of them being gone for three weekends in a row! Congrats to MARTY! He lived with us for three he clearly "deserves" this. Congrats to JAVAN! She has been Garrett's violin teacher for a billion years and she has two little boys. She NEEDS to know what she has to look forward to! And congrats to AMY ANNE cuz she is having a new baby any second and I KNOW she could really use the HELP! And who wouldn't want two teenage boys helping you with your newborn????

I know! You guys are grateful! Seriously, don't worry about thanking me! Well, you can thank me with like candy and homemade baked goods and comments and stuff. Congrats to all! You're all WINNERS in my book!


Melissa said...

Tell you what, I'll bring some homemade goods to the party I'll soon be attending at your house. How does that sound?

Mrs. Pickledpigsfeet said...

Sweet! Extra hands to help with the newborn. I bet your boys will have lots of neat things to teach Lane while they're here.

Guymons said...

wait...I must have read the last post wrong. I thought it was a speed thing, and since I didn't read it till hours after it was written, I didn't enter. I wanted to WIN. Oh well, I have a teenaged boy of my own. I have plenty of boys making noise in the morning to give me a wake up call, I have some butter, I live too far to come to your parties, or go for a ride in your car.....ah man, I should be a more thourough reader of blog contests!

Stacy said...

OH wow! Yay! That's hysterical! I'll email you his phone humber. LOLOLOLOL Oh, he's gonna LOVE us! LOL Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Stephdeezy said...

Lil Wayne needs to keep growing in numbers for the peeps that adore there will be one more out there. Glad you enjoyed the cuppiecakes :)

martyeaster said...

Butter, the most coveted prize? Where is that at. I will trade some of my time with the BBrothers for a pack. Give them more time with those who need it.

Javan said...

I am so honored!! LOL! Send them over - all boys can then commence with a 2-day burping competition.