Sunday, September 28, 2008

Yea for Cambodia!

I love the sweaty face!

Giving a Book of Mormon to someone in the airport while everyone is waiting for a group picture.

Group Pic
This week was a banner week!

1) Trammell send a great 3 page typed letter. You can feel his love and enthusiasm for his mission, his companion and te Cambodian people. He blends all the details moms want about living conditions with testimony and stories of missionary work. The letter was a day late. I wasn't worried because I figured that their was a zone meeting or zone leader training. Sure enough, he and his companion travelled 6 hours to Phnom Penh for training on P-day.

2) We received a completely unexpected phone call from Trammell's mission companion's mother. That says a lot about Elder Godfrey and his parents! What a kind and considerate young know that parents love to hear anything from anyone who may have seen or spoken to their missionary. Elder Godfrey is from Lindon, UT. He has been out for 14 months and is the zone leader in Siem Reap. We couldn't ask for a better trainer!

3) There is a senior couple missionary who lived in my stake when I was growing up. They went into and out of the MTC while tram was there. They picked the elders up at the airport upon their arrival in Phnom Penh. They set up a blog and sent the link to my mom (of course she forwarded it to me! YAY!) And they sent some additonal pictures to my mom as well.

So even though Trammell is thousands of miles and 13 hours ahead, I feel like I have had lots of contact with him. The Lord moves in mysterious ways and his love can be found in these small acts. He really does know and love each and every individual. He hasn't forgotten you and will remember you in your trials and tests. I see this nearly everyday.


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