Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Resolution Recision

THIS is why I DON't make New Year's Resolutions!!!! And what was I thinking when I wrote my non resolutions down???? See, it's 6 days into the year and I'm rescinding #1.

I thought it would be a good idea to entertain MORE. What is MORE? We were already entertaining large crowds, small groups and overnighters on a regular basis. Realizing that, I changed the focus of my goal to not so much MORE but different.

Now, I would like to TAKE IT ALL BACK!

Here's a little peak into my calendar:

Friday, January 2 -2 Weddings, 1 Ring Ceremony, 2 Receptions. We missed one of the receptions. Just couldn't get there.

Saturday, January 3 - 2 Weddings, 2 Receptions, 1 visit to friend in hospital

So last weekend was almost 4 Weddings and a Funeral. And, okay, I admit, "I" wasn't entertaining. I was going to other people's parties. But how can I THROW a party if I'm AT a party???? Don't answer that!

And that was just last weekend. This weekend is another wedding and a shower. But once again, these events are NOT at my house.

Coming up AT MY HOUSE in the next TWO weeks:

All YM/YW coming here after their ice blocking activity for cookies and hot chocolate

A small breakfast for a class presidency

A family of four (who I've never met in my life) coming from out of town for the night. They are coming to get sealed in the temple! Way cool!

A baby shower for 65. Okay, I DID volunteer for this one! I'm excited about this one! And it is entertaining by choice which does fit into my non-goal. Yay for SIL having a baby!!!!

But I'm left with a few questions:

Why did I marry such a charitable guy?

Did Brian read my blog and volunteer me because he wants to help me with my non-resolution?

Should I have nipped his "inviting" behavior in the bud when he was a bishop?
Is he intentionally trying to send me to the loony bin? Oh wait, I live here! Just wondering???

So, step away from your mailboxes! There will be no inviations issued THIS month to small intimate dinners at my house. Maybe February....or maybe not.


debilyn said...

I can't even begin to guess how you do it all...

I would crawl under the covers and hide from everyone!!

Rachael said...

You are so busy! You guys should buy stock in wedding presents!

Tricia said...

good grief! I can't imagine how you fit it all in. I go a little crazy when my life gets like that. I'm glad to know someone else who runs from one thing t the next sometimes....and lives to blog about it. :)

missty said...

Ok Gina that is crazy! I can't believe all the weddings all the time. I mean I believe you... I just can't imagine knowing all those people getting married all the time. Our singles ward.... stays single! lol