Thursday, July 29, 2010


We made it to Cambodia late Thursday night.
Our target time for the "hand off" was 5 pm.
We had appointments for Parker's Eagle Scout project in the morning and we explored the city in the afternoon......building the anticipation for that evening.

Brian and I in the tuk-tuk on the way to the mission home.

The family piled in the tuk-tuk and we gave our driver the address.  He knew exactly where to go. But we were confused when he pulled up to the corner of the street and told us he couldn't go any further because tuk-tuks weren't allowed on this street.  He pointed ambivalently to the next corner and said the mission home was that way.

We confidently walked to the corner, but didn't see the mission home.
We didn't even see a street sign.
I had the address memorized - after sending packages there for two years, how could I forget?
We needed street 222.
We walked one more block and the street name was written in Khmer and English.
AND there was a number under it - 214.
Maybe we need to go one more block?!?!?

It started to sprinkle.
We make an odd sight - 4 white people all dressed in dark slacks and white shirts and ties -except for me in a skirt.
We walk the one more block.
It's 208.
I kind of want to cry.
But I want to find the mission home more.
We half walk, half run back to the street with no sign.
We look up the street - and I think I see it - or at least, I think I see the mission van - the big white one that Trammell backed into the gate and broke the tail light on.
We scurry up the street.
The mission president's wife and the guard both come out of the gate.

The package is right inside the door.
We are seconds from taking delivery!

I get first dibs!


Surprise!  Trammell had no idea that Garrett was coming along.

We joined the other missionaries and families and the mission president for dinner and testimony meeting. It was fabulous! What wonderful elders!

Mission tradition is that they roll out the red carpet for departing missionaries who are leaving and they make a "Return With Honor" walk out the door.

Trammell and the Mission President and his wife.

The BEST TIME EVER!!!!!  Every second of the last two years was worth this one hour!


valerie said...

I getting a little nervous for you at first but glad you finally found the mission home. :) I love all the hugging pics too.

Lewis Family said...

crying happy tears for you. : ) I hope I get that experience a few times.

~Janie~ said...

Is tissue going to be necessary every time we read??? I am so incredibly happy for you!!

Missty said...

YAY!! You have your boy in your arms and home!!

Don and Kelley said...

I have been on vacation, and I just got home and read your blog. I am so excited for you! It seems like you had a great trip! Awesome!

Raven said...

That is so awesome! I can imaging how wonderful it was to see him after so long!