Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Passing "Mom School" With Flying Colors!

When I graduated from college, I was ecstatic!  "No more pencils. No more books.  No more...."  Wait!? 
Little did I know that I would be enrolled in MOM SCHOOL the rest of my life (plus eternity)!

And just because it's summer, Mom School isn't out!
Nope, summer is time to test what we've learned (to the fullest) with DAILY review assignments.

Today's review assignment was evidently on the chapter "You Are Their Mom, Not Their Friend."
Love that chapter!

So the Boneheads were told to arise early, that there would be a list of chores awaiting them.
Not my doing! I didn't make the list!  I'm still their friend at this point!

Through sleepy eyes, they stared at the list in disbelief.
"What?  Mow AND trim? Are you serious?"
"Mmmmhmmmm........." I didn't look up from the paper.
Like I said, *I* didn't make this tortuous list!

"We're the Mulch Bros.  We get paid to mulch.  Are we getting paid to mulch our yard?"
"Yes. Yes you are...........with a trip to Cambodia and grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner."

Off they stomp.......out to drag the trash to the curb, cut up a dead tree, mow the lawn, and.........mulch.

I look out the laundry room window, because one thing I've learned in Mom School is that it is soooo uncool to sit on your butt while your children slave away.  Okay, so you are supposed to work "beside" them, but I didn't want to go outside and sweat, so folding laundry while watching them out the window counts! Right?

Anyway, Parker is stomping up and down the driveway gesturing.
I open the laundry room door to the garage and call out "What?"

"Well, THAT's our mulch!  We paid for it."
"Fine!  Charge Dad for the mulch."

Let me just say.  I didn't slam the door.
The door out to the garage is weighted.
It slams all by itself!
Very convenient and dramatic.

I look out the window - more pacing.
I open the door again, "What?"
"Well, that mulch is only going to cover about 1/4 of the berm that he wants mulched."
"Fine! Get in the truck and go buy more........and charge him for that mulch too."
"Are you ser.......i........."
Oops.  I let go of the door and it slammed.

I'm pretty sure I got an A on that assignment.
I'm definitely NOT their friend!

I probably got points off though later, when I offered to iron Parker's t-shirt while it was still on him.
So maybe I got an A-.


Mama Badger said...

Nope, not their friend. But I'm sure they'll still love you as they eat their grilled cheese. Mmmm, grilled cheese. Me thinks I know what we're having for dinner at our house tonight!

Andrea said...

You said iron and grilled cheese in the same post so my mind immediately went to this:

In the movie Mr Mom, he sets his son's now cold grilled cheese on the ironing board and touches it up to Now Hot with the iron. Gotta love that.

Grilled cheese and tomato soup - it is wasn't 98 freaking degrees today (no joke and I have to dash out at 2:30, goody) I'd be having that for dinner. Although I am wearing a fleece inside the house because its cold in here... maybe gc and soup would be good.

Whichever, happy Wednesday!

red rabbit family said...

Ah, grilled cheese sandwiches and irons. Makes me want to watch Benny and Joon again. : )

Adrienne said...

I am dreading the years beyond now my son is 7 going on 17 and mom school is kicking me in the butt

Beth Zimmerman said...

I'm so very glad you are so you! You make me laugh and you make me feel normal and okay! It's a gift!