Saturday, July 3, 2010


I know you have been DYING to hear about the Great Flight Debacle!

It all started with a friendly email saying that "changes" had been made to our itinerary.
I checked.
For some reason, Korean Airlines doesn't like having their planes shot down over Russian airspace, so they changed their "routing."
Whatever the route they are taking, our flight still takes of from SFO at the original time, but arrives in Seoul 30 minutes later, making it impossible to make our connection to Phnom Penh.

Surely, we can fix this.
We will hop on the NEXT flight to Phnom Penh.
I was informed that YES! I could hop on the NEXT flight!  Yippee!
The next flight is 24 hours later.  Boo!

When I told Korean Airlines that that wouldn't work, I was given a second attractive option: get a refund.
And then what would I do???
Book with the airline of my choice at quadruple the amount of what I was just refunded?

I spoke with all of the culprits throughout the day on Monday.
Finally, at 4 pm, I decided to "settle" it once and for all.
I was determined to get everything sorted out by Parker's 6:15 lacrosse matter what.

I called at 4.
We got in the car at 5:15 - I was on the phone the whole way to the game.
I sat away from the other parents but where I could watch the game while on hold.
When the game ended at 7:30, I was still on the phone.
I was on the phone the whole way home.
I hung up the phone at 10:00 and the problem was "mostly" taken care of.

It did involve buying another one way ticket from Denver to San Fransisco for Garrett.
And it did involve leaving a day earlier than planned.
And it did involve staying the night in Seoul.
But it was "almost" solved!


Mrs4444 said...

Well, I guess it could be worse. I'm glad you found out sooner than later.

Stef said...

Ugh! That is frustrating. And look how patient you were!