Monday, July 5, 2010


I know!  I skipped days 2-4.  But you aren't missing anything.
I'm bored with this whole airline thing........I didn't want to bore you too.

Bottom line -
I spent more than 20 hours over six days working on "fixing" our flights.
It was one giant game of Pass the Buck.

Korean Airlines kept telling me that it was Priceline's responsibility to "reprotect" me.
Priceline kept telling me that it was Korean's responsibility.
And Frontier - well Frontier had NO intention of being remotely helpful.
Hey, if I had been PROTECTED in the first place, I wouldn't need "REprotection."
What the hell kind of word is that anyway?

So after continuing to call for six days - even after getting the email that stated:
" We have received notification from your airline that your reservation has been changed accordng to your request, or has bee canceeled due to traveler no-show (I added the bold).

Any questions regarding your itinerary should be directed to the airline: ewill be unable to address any questions or requests regarding this reservation."

1) I never made a request to change my tickets.
2) I was never a no-show - because look at the itinerary DA's - that 's nice initials for not nice words - the *&@# flight hasn't taken off yet.
3) Doesn't that look like the long way of saying, "Don't ever call here again?"

I called Priceline.
I called Korean.
I called Frontier.

I called everybody all day for 6 days.
It's fixed.  It's fixed.  It's fixed.
And that's really all that matters.

Except - can you believe that Priceline actually sent me a survey?
Oh yeah.  I filled it out.
I gave them 1's - meaning "you don't just stink, you really stink" in every category.
And then, they made the mistake of giving me an open box to write whatever I wanted.

My comments started with -
"Really?  I can't believe you are sending me this survey.
Worst. Experience. Ever."

I said more.  Oh yes, I said more.
I gave them the details and dared invited them to call me.
Don't hold your breath!


valerie said...

Ugh! What a pain in the butt! I am glad that you got it all straightend out though and soon you will be with Trammell again. Yay!

Andrea said...

Tell them like it is. I've heard bad stories about priceline. I'm glad they fixed it. If they hadn't I was going to suggest this travel guru King Fu Their Butt guy from this travel magazine. He spends his days making mincemeat out of people like this :) Just so you can smile. And fly. And pick up your baby boy.

Raven said...

What a mess! I'm glad you got it all straightened out though. I think it's hilarious that they sent you a survey after all that. It's good that you filled it out and let them know just how much they suck. You go girl!

Dysfunctional Mom said...

Muah ha ha, love those surveys! I wonder if they'll just shred it though? Buttheads.

Nhi said...

Hi there! My name Nhi. I'm from Viet Nam. Very pleased to meet you!

Missty said...

Oh WOW! I have used priceline for lots of hotels, but never airfare... but was thinking about it for our trip to Paris the end of August. Just wondering - did you get a great deal? WOuld you use them again after this hassel? I have heard good things.... but your has been such a mess, and I feel for you, what a pain!!

Wondering if my flight would be ok and easier? hmmm, what to do, what to do??
But bottom line - so glad you got it all straightened out.