Friday, July 2, 2010



Yeah.  I know.  I'm shouting.
But this week has been...........
well, interesting.

* I've turned in to
the Wicked Witch of the West.
Or at the very least,
one of her harpies.
I've never heard someone nag so much!
My kids are going to thrwo some water on me!
I must get a hold of myself!

Thank heavens for Mrs. 4444.
She let's you dump at
Half-Past Kissin' Time
Everybody's doing it!

* In my defense,
it hasn't been the greastest, most fun week of summer ever.

1. I accidentally went to the gynecologist for my annual exam.
It was an accident because - who goes on purpose?
I thought I could get the necessary tetanus shot there (So I was going under false petenses - they thought I cared about my health and I was really just using them - wait, does that make me a whore?  Spreading my legs for a tetanus shot?)
Anyway, it was also an accident because I made the mistake of scheduling my appointment with Dr. McDreamy instead of my usual kind, old, 60ish doctor.

2. I had to go to the county to get my tetanus shot.
One out of 2 adults has a reaction and gets a sore arm, swelling and feels lousy.
There weren't two adults there that I was the one.
It's been nearly three days and it still hurts to lift my arm.
On the up side, the swelling in my arm makes me look pretty buff.

3. I'm prone to literary exaggeration but not on this!
I have spent nearly 20 - count em - hours on the phone with airlines and travel agents trying to "fix" our flights for Cambodia.
I'm shouting again.
Anyway.........I can't give the details until it's all settled and I have all my flights and everybody's I'm happy.
I'm trying to be calm, collected and nice about it.
I haven't sworn AT anybody.
I did however, get a note from an online travel service inviting me to never call them again.
It didn't say it in those exact words,
but that was the gist of the four paragraphs.
I called them again.

Phew ..........didn't anything go well this week?
I'm thinking.

* The Bonehead/Bonsai Brothers bonsai designs went over so well,
(you should see Garrett's water feature and mini lily pads,)
they've been commissioned to make one for someone else.
Oh wait - here's the water feature one -
That will keep them busy today!
That and they are bidding on a mulching job.
Remember - they can fit 1 1/2 yards of mulch in the back of the pick-up truck.
Remember that job they had last week with 16 yards of mulch?
This week's bid includes 35 yards of mulch.
That will keep them busy!
Working kids = Tired Kids
Tired Kids = Kids who aren't lighting off fireworks, staying up all night, roaming the countryside, spending money.
And that equals a Happy Mom!

* It's a long weekend and I have NO plans.
Is that good or bad?
There are a couple of movies I want to see.

* And I think it's probably time to START the countdown.
Are you sick of it already?
Too bad!

11 - Eleven days until we leave for Cambodia to pick up my baby!
It's been two years - Two years- since I've been able to give him a hug and hold his fat, chubby fingers, and now, I'm going to cry just thinking about it and that's probably not good.

Happy Friday!
Happy 4th of July!

Isn't this country the best?


Jamie said...

Sounds like loads of fun this week. I managed to go 2 years without going to that particular dr visit. It was nice.
Good luck getting all the flight mess straightened out! I know you will be thrilled to see your son!

Rebecca Jo said...

That may be the best line I read all day in blog world - I Accidentally went to the gyno for my annual exam! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

I had a tetanus shot in May. My arm hurt like mad for two days. UGH.

Hope your weekend is better!!

valerie said...

11 days. yahoo! I hope you can get all your flight stuff figured out before then!

Andrea said...

Love the bonsai. Is there anything those boys can't do? (I mean beside clean their rooms, do homework or listen to their parents?) ;)

Happy 4th to You!

Danelle said...

Wow! Eleven more days! Hang in there. It will all be worth it when you see your son, even the accidental gyno exam and the tetanus shot AND the 20 hours on the phone.

P.S. Those Wizard of Oz flying monkeys scared the crap out of me when I was kid.

Raven said...

Oh girl, you crack me up. Hope your arm feels better soon. Hope you get your flights settled!

Have a happy and safe 4th!

Missty said...

It all sounds wonderful and crazy.... well except the sore arm part.

I cant wait till you go pick up your boy!! Exciting!

Mrs4444 said...

I am so happy for you! I love that you still have your sense of humor.

"wait, does that make me a whore? Spreading my legs for a tetanus shot?" Pure awesomeness, right there.

Even I am incredibly proud of those boys of yours! That is SO awesome!! Really, really great.

Qoddess said...

You've been quoted