Saturday, July 31, 2010


Cambodia is full of surprises -
things you didn't expect, things you couldn't imagine.........
both good and bad.

Here are a few things that we didn't expect.

* It is SOOOO hot and humid.
It wasn't until the fifth day of the trip that I quit expecting it be something it would never be - COOLER.
I have NEVER sweat so much in my life.
You can't see the literal droplet of sweat on the end of his nose

* The traffic is CRAZY!
It seems like there are NO rules on the road.
Cars, pedestrians, motos, bikes, and animals all share the same lanes.
You can go ANY direction in the lanes.
There are hardly and traffic signals and you don't need to follow them.
You can turn left from a right hand lane and don't worry about signalling.
And NO ONE gets mad when you cut them off

* The food is delicious and well prepared.
We NEVER had a bad meal.
There is a ton of variety.
Every restaurant had pages of Khmer, Chinese, Thai and Western dishes.
We sampled food from nearly every Asian country.
But we always had a side of French Fries too! ;)

* You can carry ANYTHING on a moto!

We saw motos with 5 people, motos with babies standing on them, motos with people carrying a ladder, motos with people on an IV drip, motos with furniture, moto with giant jugs of gasoline, motos, motos, motos.  Amazing!

* The people were so kind and friendly and nice!

We went to the park on a couple evenings and the boys were always welcome into pick up soccer games.
Garrett plays pool against the manager of a restaurant in Battambang. When garret won, he presented Garrett with the restaurant trophy.
Parker and His Excellency Veasna, the Advisor to the Royal Governemnt of the Kingdom of Cambodia and the head of the National Center for the Disabled.
Members in Siem Reap presenting the family with gifts.
I could post picture after picture and list kindness after kindness.
Cambodia is a wonderful country full of happy, loving people.

The country offered too many surprises to recount and luckily, most of them were pleasant surprises!


Raven said...

It sounds like a crazy, but wonderful place to go! Love all the pics! Have some Thai food for me please, I love Thai food.

valerie said...

The moto pics were crazy. The adult has a helmut but the kids don't. Sounds like an awesome crazy place to visit.

Smart said...

Danelle said...

Just back from vacation and catching up on your wonderful Cambodia adventure. I kept crying in the post where you said you kept crying, thinking about having an experience like this myself one day (probably sooner than I will be ready for). Thanks for sharing this exciting time in your life!

Mama Badger said...

That looks like so much fun. I love seeing your son with his shirt and tie on and his pants rolled up to play soccer! And you with the baby.

I noted the same thing Valerie did, though. No helmet on the wife and kids...

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