Monday, December 6, 2010


The phone rang.
I looked at caller ID.
The number was 1-720-000-000 <- really.  I'm not just putting the 0's in there.

"Is Mr. Brian Cox available?"
"No he isn't.  May I take a message."
"Yes.  This is Lieutenant Gerald Hansen with the Arapahoe County Sheriff.............."

Quit talking!  My heart has stopped.
What is he saying?  Who did what to whom?

Where are my children?  What did they do?
Can you call 911 for me?  I've stopped breathing...

"and will you just let him know that his Concealed Weapons Permit has arrived and he can pick it up any time?"

I HATE phone calls like that!


Danelle said...

I hate those calls too. But mine are always from the school nurse. Ever since my oldest had that seizure involving the helicopter ride, I stop breathing every time I hear, "Hello, this is so and so, the school nurse . . ." And they always pause for such a long time after "school nurse" and whatever it is they need to tell me that isn't an emergency.

Julianna said...

At least he got a permit...

I had a constable serve me once at my door... at 9pm. He was in his 20's and looking kind of "punk". Looking back, I can't believe I opened the door. He scared the behoozle out of me. (Turned out it was in regards to a slip and fall incident in the store I was managing at the time... so no biug deal)

Phone or in person, it's never good.

Shirley said...

Oh, I had one of those calls once about 11 p.m. Scared me half to death. "This is the Orange County Sheriff's Office. Do you have a son named David?" (Stop breathing) Long pause....then something along the line of, "He's fine, but his car has died. Can you pick him up or do you need us to bring him home?" Why can't they say, "Don't worry. Everything's fine" first?

H.K. said...

Dang - I had a heart attack just reading the first few lines! I'm sure yours was racing a whole lot faster than mine!

Andrea said...

Uh, the 'concealed weapon' part, that bit would freak me out. Not that I'm not used to guns being married to a former police officer...but still!

Andrea said...

I forgot the time when he was a police officer and called me at 3 am (where we still just dating then) and told me I'd need to pick him up from the hospital.

Nearly killed him myself when I got there :)

From then on every middle of the night call started with "Don't worry I'm fine..." Trained him, I did.