Tuesday, December 28, 2010


What?  It's been a week since I last posted?
Where did the time go?
What was I doing?
Probably just sitting around!

I probably wouldn't post for another six months, if it weren't for Keely.
Yeah, I'd just keep sitting around doing nothing.
But luckily its RaNDoM THouGHT TueSDaY over at The Un Mom's.
Go on over and say "hi!."

* We had the most relaxing Christmas ever.
The goal: Sit around in our pajamas all day.
What we did: Sit around in our pajamas all day.
Well, except for me.
I changed into my new t-shirt that the boys got me:
You know you are jealous!

* I attempted to take Christmas pics last week.
What a joke!
Have you ever tried to get three professional models together for ONE SIMPLE PICTURE?
I should have offered them money!
It doesn't help that for the life of me, I CANNOT take pictures.
How come I can't hold the camera straight????
How come I cut off heads?

* Because last week wasn't festive enough, this week is a little bit crazier.
We have parties and celebrations every night.
We have a couple of wedding receptions and then the most important celebration of the year..........
NOT New Year's Eve........MY BIRTHDAY!
Yeah - I'm going to be 29.  Again!

* I should have carried a notebook around all week.
I have never laughed so hard in my life.
The Boneheads have kept me near hysterics except when they INSISTED that I watch them do this:
What could go wrong?
Let's see - your clothes could catch on fire.
The flaming ball could hit you in the face.
The ball could go too far and start a fire in a bush.
It could go up on the roof and start a fire.
It could roll under the car and the whole garage could explode.
But other than that, flaming tennis is a spectacular idea!!!

* Well, I've been a little "under the weather."
I spent ALL day in bed yesterday - except the 18 times I ran to the bathroom.
On the positive side, I won't need to set some ridiculous goal to go to the gym to lose those extra holiday pounds!
Hopefully, today, I will be able to leave my sickbed and leave the house!
Happy Tuesday!
Happy RaNDoM!


Stacy Uncorked said...

I totally forgot what my comment was going to be after watching that video of the flaming tennis ball...CRAZY, but man that looks like fun! :)

RTT: Internet, Snow, Christmas

Kamila said...

weeeh.. Yeah that video is ridicoulous...! Hmmm.. I didn't figure out what it is until a minute later...

don't worry I love being in my Pajama all day... and doing everything with my Pajama..until again.. it's time to sleep.

no hassle.. hahaha x)

have a great one

Keely said...

That's a great picture, what are you talking about?

Feel better!

Danelle said...

Hope your feeling better soon. Especially with your 29th birthday right around the corner. ;)

Julianna said...

You leave for one week and come back all polka dotted and plastered with cupcakes... I LOVE it!

Flaming tennis balls... ot so much.

I'm with you, I'm thinking my boys would burn down the entire neighborhood.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Flaming tennis. I'm not even good at regular tennis. Hope you feel better soon!