Friday, December 3, 2010


* Everyone knows the Cox boys love girls to support the high school!  Yep!  They are full of testosterone school spirit. 

It's been a family(?) tradition for the last 9 years to go to the State Cheerleading Competition to support the school's cheerleaders.
And it has NOTHING to do with the fact that they get to miss school to do it!

Really?  I can't believe that I just heard myself say, "Hey Bridget! Small talk. Small talk.  Will you please excuse Parker from school today.  He's there right now, but he's leaving after 1st period.  He's going to the cheerleading competition."

* Thank heavens it's Friday!
Thank heavens for -
Go see Mrs. 4444. I'll excuse you from work to go cheer her on!

* I received this email -
"We're sorry!
We inadvertently sent you a birthday wish email when it's not your birthday.

Since you are not eligible to enter the Pillsbury Birthday Sweepstakes this month, we'd like you to enjoy ths free digital magazine.  Please accept our apologies.

What do you mean I'M NOT ELIGIBLE TO ENTER?
Take it back!  Take it back now!
I'm going to go look at the email that I never read and automatically deleted: the original one letting me enter the sweepstakes.  Because now, I'm interested!

* Just so you know - My birthday is the 29th of this month. Don't just stand there, start shopping or making cupcakes or cookies or something!

* Parker's lacrosse coach told him, "Whenever I see you in the hall during passing period, I better see you with a peanut butter sandwich.  No, make that two.  One in each hand."

* Parker is trying to gain weight.
He thinks 4000 calories a day is reasonable.
Here is what he has eaten in the last 24 hours.

1 PBJ sandwich
3 slices of cheese
1 bowl of ice cream
1 Peanut Butter and banana sandwich
Orange Juice
1 Handful of baby carrots
1/2 a Supreme pizza with veggies
1 Chicken Breast sandwich with cheese, lettuce and tomato
1 Apple
1 Clementine
1 Hamburger
a small salad
a handful of mini cookies
2 Servings of Pasta with Broccoli and Ham
1 more bowl of ice cream

* We were looking at nutrition bars specifically for those high in protein AND high in calories.
Many were diet bars with less than 100 calories.
Parker - "I hate America!  I'm a skinny kid in a fat man's world!"

* Why are my kids asking for Nerf Shotguns for Christmas?
Once they receive them, and they are confident they will receive them,
they plan on sawing off the barrel
to make a Sawed Off Nerf Shotgun.
They are 19 and 16.
What is wrong with them?
At least the 21 year old isn't in on this scheme (yet.)
* Today's decorating goals:
Finish up the mantle and put up the rest of the Christmas Crizap so we can put the tree up this weekend.
I didn't say we were decorating it.
I said we (might) put it up.
Have a good weekend!


Rebecca Jo said...

HAHA!!! My boss got that Pillsbury email too & was like "I'm not as old as I thought - my birthday is today instead of in May!"

Lauren said...

You said crizap. We're BFFs.

Mama Badger said...

LG feels Parker's pain. Last night we went for his weight check in. He's finally on both the height and weight chart!!! We send him to school with special "snack" because everything they serve is "low fat" and we don't need that! To celebrate his new found status? The Dr suggested we take him for a McDonald's milkshake. Why? "Because you never see a skinny kid drinking a milkshake, right?" We should put Parker and LG on the milkshake diet...

Tettelestai said...

i married a wrestler, so that gaining and losing can be crazy!!! not to mention just a normal teen boy's appetite,holy cow!!!

love your decorating, love your fragments, thanks for sharing!!

valerie said...

At least Parker isn't a picky eater! :) Good luck getting the rest of your Christmas crizap up. lol

beemii said...

Oh you made me laugh...I would be writing a letter to that company if I were you....I cant't even picture calling to get my son excused from school for a cheer competition...but maybe its because I am sonless....Have a wonderful day...

Don and Kelley said...

I got a Pillsbury e-mail too! Also, my kids asked for Nerf guns too this year. This year we made sure that we had some to. I am going to make sure I am armed and ready!

EmptyNester said...

Enjoyed your Friday Fragments!

My MIL's birthday was Dec. 29 too. We always had tea parties to celebrate (she was one of four daughters and Hubs and I have four daughters so tea parties were the big thing). This will be our first year without her. She was truly amazing!

Unknown Mami said...

What's going on with Pillsbury?

Oh boy, I better start shopping for your birthday.

Have a great weekend.

Julianna said...

My kids totally need those sawed off nerf shotguns... and for the bone head's buisness ventures, that idea may sell really well down south... just sayin' :)

Ashli Dardenne said...

I got that e-mail too!!! I have yet to click on the link to the free digital magazine. Must have been some glitch in the system. Except, it really wasn't my birthday.

Matty said...

My youngest daughter was in competitive cheerleading in school. Their school won a lot of championships over the years.

Just started our decorating today. Started. As in a lot yet to do.