Monday, December 20, 2010


If ANYONE deserves a gift,
it's this guy!
I found THIS:
 taped to the lid of my trashcan.
Ahhh Julio, Julio, fellow GarbageMan, or your fellow GarbageMan, or, me; I'm the GarbageMan. whatever!

Julio for sure is on the "Nice" list.
What would you give Julio for Christmas?
And how would you present it..........I don't want to set it on the trash or next to the trash or he might mistake his present for trash!
But sure he is getting something!
How can you deny "you fellow GarbageMan" a present?


Lauren Billat said...

I always put $20 in an envelope taped onto the lid of my trash can. I write "Thank You" on the envelope so he will know it's "the good stuff". ;) And every Tuesday of the whole year he puts my trash can(s) up at the top of my drive-way while my not-so-generous neighbor's cans stay on the sidewalk where they left them that morning. ;)

valerie said...

My hubby keeps our garbage man set with occasional cans of Mountain Dew, especially in the warmer months. It helps when we have extra stuff. :) You could always leave him some yummy cupcakes. :)

Danelle said...

That is so cute! And I like the idea of money in an envelope. I'd put his name on, so there's no mistaking that it's for Julio.

siobhan said...

how sweet! we never did anything for our last whatever-the-pc-term-is because the guy made me mad. i was nine months pregnant, heard the truck up the street, and realized berek had forgotten to take out the trash. i raced out with the can, tripped, and did a full somersault down the incline of our front yard. the guy watched the whole time, then drove off, WITHOUT MY GARBAGE! i'm obviously still bitter, two years later. he'd also refuse to take cans because he felt they were too heavy, but they were cans no-upper-body-strength-me could heave up without a problem.

but the new guys? WOW! we stuck all of our trash at the curb the first week in the new house, just to see what they would take. they hauled away all of our construction debris! the next week, when delivering a new can, they sent a regular pickup truck and the guy dumped a huge can full of TILE into his truck. that puppy was heavy and we thought the machine thing would pick it up. we've been really impressed with the new guys.

so. long story short. i've been wondering the same thing... how do you make sure they know it's not trash? big, red bow?

Julianna said...

I am the garbage "man" around here... think that could get me a cupcake?

Stef said...

Wow! That is a nice garbage guy. All mine has ever given me was a broken trash can wheel and a puff of smoke.

Shirley said...

Hmm - maybe the reason my can is always thrown in the street and the neighbors' cans are placed in their driveways is because I've never given them anything.

We get a nice Christmas card from the paper guy too - haven't given him anything either. Maybe when he stops leaving papers when I've put a vacation hold on them, I'll give him something.

I'm not a complete scrooge. I always give the lawn guy something because he's awesome!

H.K. said...

I remember my mom used to give the garbage men a case of beer, but of course that wouldn't be appropriate! Anyway, I think it's awesome that you received a car from him.

If you haven't already, you can get up early and wait til they get to your home and give him the present then.