Monday, December 13, 2010


Wonderful, joyful and nothing, if not magical.

My house is pretty quiet with the older boys at college.
It's just Parker.
And he's quiet.
Maybe a little too quiet.
We're 13 days into December and this lovely felt tree should be decorated with 13 ornaments..........not have a cluster-o-felt at the top.
Really?  Sheep and donkeys on top of the stable?  And who came through and mugged the kings?
Yep - the snowman family has had their world turned upside down.

 Tis the season for Love - Check! Hope - Check! and Yoj!
At least the snowman hasn't completely lost his head!
Everyday, the "elves" have worked their magic and I find something different and unexpected!


Danelle said...

I think you should start "elving" some of Parker's stuff. Hee-hee!

Julianna said...

This is my life in a few years, I just know it. Course, it'll be the work of the husband and not the kids, cause he's very grown up like that...

Sandra said...

Ok, you are ready for Christmas, I'd say. Nothing says Christmas like Yoj!

Dysfunctional Mom said...

1) I literally LOL'ed at "YOJ".
2) I totally thought the title of this post was "Elvis? or the work of boneheads?" so I couldn't figure out where the tie-in was to Elvis.
3) I'm really surprised my kids have never thought to do any of that, which makes me think that they really do fear my OCD ways. Which is freaking awesome!!! Muah ha ha.