Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Fragments!

Mommy's Idea
It's Friday?
Not that I don't want it to be Friday, it's just been an incredibly long short week or short long week or whatever.

Good thing we have Mrs.4444 to tell us what day it is!
Click on the linky above and go pay her a visit..........AFTER you finish here.
* First - HAPPY 49th ANNIVERSARY to my Mom and Dad!
49 years!
That's amazing!

* Also - update on my mom!
Her stem cell transplant went amazingly well.  She is supposed to be in the hospital for 5 weeks.  Right now, it's looking like they will release her as soon as she goes 24 hours without a fever.  She gets a low grade fever every time they give her the medication to stimulate white blood cell production. It's really not from any kind of infection.  But rules are rules.  So.....she could be released as soon as Satruday or Sunday.
But then again, there is a plot to keep her because she is the hospital staff's FAVORITE patient.

* A guy came over to film Parker long boarding.
It's to send in to companies and get "sponsored."
Don't ask.

Me: "Have fun.  Don't do anything too crazy..."
Parker: "I can't promise that."
Oh least he's honest.

* Garrett leaves the Missionary Training Center in 12 days.
He is sooooo excited to get to Romania and get to work!

* We are 20 - TWENTY days away from the Pioneer Trek!
We've been planning this for 15 months.
You are probably jealous of us.  Who wouldn't be?
540 people in pioneer clothes pushing handcarts across 25 miles of the Wyoming plains in July.
Who wouldn't be jealous????
I did get a little bit nervous at our meeting this week when the head nurse was "making sure" that there will be a generator available to plug a mini refrigerator into to keep the IV fluids cold.

* July 1-4th was International Chicken Wing week!  How did we miss that?
I hope Garrett doesn't know he missed it!
He would be so disappointed!

* Yesterday afternoon, Brian and I snuck out to a movie.
While sitting in the darkened theatre eating pocorn,
I leaned over and asked him,
"Do you hear the tornado sirens outside?"
"Hmmm.....should I go see what's going on?"

I walked out of the theater and into the hall.
It was noisier out there than in our theater.
I couldn't hear the sirens.
And, I'll be honest, I didn't want to miss the movie by walking all the way to the front of the theater and seeing what was going on.

So I just went back in the theater and shrugged.
Thirty seconds later, a theater employee came in and tried to talk over the movie.
"Sorry to interrupt but there is a tornado warning right now and we don't want to sorry you guys but if we need to, we'll come back and move you somewhere safer."


* We lived.
And when we got home, our house was still standing.
I highly recommend spending a tornado warning obvliously.

Well, that's it!
Happy Friday!
Have a great weekend!


Mama Badger said...

Honesty isn't always the best policy... And when did the poineers invent the generator?

Bethany said...

I must say you are braver then I am, I lived for a week with out ac in my car and thought I was dying=)

Julianna said...

The Chicken Wing week was only 4 days long?

In what country is that a week? And more important... does that come with a weekend? Because I could really use a 2 day work week right now. :)

Mrs4444 said...

Wow--Your life sure is "exciting" these days! Happy for your mom's healing AND the big anniversary---They are a beautiful couple.

Kyle has a longboard! He absolutely loves it. He's not a trickster, though; he just loves to play around and uses it for transportation on campus. (He even said that he held an umbrella once, on an extremely-windy day, and had the thrill ride of his life.haha)

Better you than me on that journey of yours--Have fun!

Stef said...

Ahhh, the Provo Temple. I remember going there once a week, really early in the morning when I was in the MTC. Sigh....
You are brave to sit out the tornado, although I know in some theatre the floor is so sticky not even a tornado could rip you from it.
Glad you are safe!!