Friday, July 1, 2011

Knives and Cookies! We Have Our Priorities!

I'm in Seattle for my friend's son's wedding.
I'm here to help - except that I can't sew, I can't make boutonnieres, and I can't make jewelry.
But I can punch paper hearts out of paper.
So, I HAVE been useful.

AND, Margaret and I have been extremely useful in running some errands and shopping for the bride.

The boys men have been willing to help but the bride and groom are totally organized.
So Brian and Dave went to the SOG outlet.

You don't know what SOG is? can you say that?
SOG is famous for their specialty knives.

Brian came back to the hotel with this -

Who wouldn't want this knife?
Me: "Ooooo..........but wait, once you kill someone, the pretty camo blade will be wrecked."
Brian: "It's not camo.  It's Tiger Stripe."
Me: " will be ruined once you stab someone."

Me: "Did you buy some for the boys?"
Brian: "No.  They're expensive, even at the outlet.  They can have mine when I die."

Who cares about stupid knives?
But they also brought back this -
Now THIS is something I can appreciate!

Knives and sugar cookies!  Now THIS is a good day!
And we haven't even gotten to the wedding yet!


Dawn said...

I should be able to resist this but I can't so..."WINNING!"

Also, have a great weekend. The knife totally makes Brian a bad mofo.

Danelle said...

Hopefully Brian doesn't want to get his new knife dirty, which means you won't have to cut your cookie in half and share it! :)

Patty Edwards said...

You're in Seattle and you haven't contacted me??? If you're by the Temple, you're between my house & office.

Rachael said...

Oh that looks soooo good...the cookie...not the knife!