Wednesday, July 13, 2011

You Can't OVER Celebrate Harry Potter

Remember - Parker went to a sneak preview of the Harry Potter movie Monday night.
Then last night, my niece had a Harry Potter Birthday Party.
Never mind that her birthday is in August........there is no time like NOW to celebrate!

You'll love it!

 Some of the decor.
 Honeydukes Candy Shop
Harry Potter and Voldemort cookies.
Yeah - I helped with that!
I didn't hang around for the fantastically decorated cake.
 Can you see all the little "candles" hanging from the ceiling.  Okay you can't really.
 Two little first year wizards - my niece Gillian and her friend Olivia
 A whomping willow
 Look!  You can see some of the candles.
My sister-in-law as Madam Professor Minerva McGonagall with another young wizard.
I didn't take additional pictures of Parker because we have enough of him in his Ron Weasley costume
flying down the street with his cape flying behind him.

Now, THAT'S something I should have gotten a picture of!


Mama Badger said...

How awesome! Those ideas are so creative, I might have to steal some. It looks like your niece had a great time, too.

Rachael said...

That looks like a great party! Creative with the candles hanging!!!

Danelle said...

I've been gone so I've been catching up on your exciting week of Harry Potter and snakes and scary phone calls from the golf course. And best of all, your mom getting out of the hospital!

Julianna said...


We are awaiting the release... course it takes some of the fun out of it when I have to see it first to "aproove" it for the boys. :)

Andrea said...

I'm a HP lover. That's an awesome party! We are searching for a sitter here in Tiny Town so we can go see it. CP always takes me. It the ONLY time we ever go to the movies. And I can't wait!