Monday, July 18, 2011


Today is an EXCITING day at the CRAZY COX household.
We got up early and sat by the phone.
Yeah.......we know how to party.

Today, Garrett leaves the Missionary Training Center and flies to Bucharest, Romania!
And if that's not exciting enough,
they get to call home from the airport...........
any airport they are in..........
if they have time.

He left Provo for the Salt Lake City airport at 5 am.
He called at about 7 am and we were able to talk for about 45 minutes before he boarded his flight for Atlanta.
He won't call from Atlanta because they only have 40 minutes there.
But he will try to call tonight from Amsterdam because they have a 3 hour layover.

He sounds GREAT!
We all took turns asking questions about what he has learned and what his favorite things about the Missionary Training Center have been.
He is excited to get to Romania and serve the people.
He loves all the people that he has been with for the last nine weeks and he feels ready to go.
It was so good to hear the excitement in his voice!!!

We will get weekly emails from him once he reaches Romania but we will not get to actually talk to him until CHRISTMAS! Yikes!

Here are some recent pictures -
Garrett's district and their Romanian teacher.  There are 12 boys and one girl travelling to Romania today.  I don't know why the girl is wearing a tie.  The girls don't normally wear ties.  The girl in the middle is their teacher.  She is from Romania, went on a mission and is studying at BYU.

This is Garrett's district and a district of new Romanian missionaries who just arrived a couple of weeks ago.

This is a district party celebrating their "half way" point at the Missionary Training Center.

I don't know what this is.......beside goofy.
It's been a good day!


Rachael said...

How exciting!!! I can't imagine when my boys go on their missions! It will kill me to not be able to see or talk to them!!!

Julianna said...

How awesome!

Can't wait for more updates. :)

(MAybe you could wear the party hats while you're waiting by the phone. Oh! And cupcakes! You could eat cupcakes while you're waiting!)

Danelle said...

So excited you got to talk to him! Hopefully twice--I'll keep my fingers crossed. :) Christmas will not come fast enough!