Wednesday, July 6, 2011


What if you threw a party and NOBODY came?
That's what happened last week.
Except that *I* didn't throw the party.

I went to that "Meet at the really cool park" thing and I was the only one who "met at the park."

I took Parker and my nieces and nephews and their picnics and their longboards and their helmets and a blanket to sit on and everything except the 2-year-olds shoes <- really, he had NO shoes.

And no one else showed up.

Oh, there were plenty of people at the park.
There were 10,000 groups of "summer campers."
But we longboarded, played, strolled and rode the kiddie train through the park and did not see a SINGLE person from church.

I assumed I had written down the wrong day.
But then I checked my email and NO, we had the right day, time and park.

Oh well.............It's Wednesday and it's Wee Bit of Me Wednesday!
MyLeighAshley doesn't usually post her 10 little questions until 9, but last week, she announced that she's taking a break because she was having a hard time thinking up questions.

So there's NO party and there's NO Wee Bits!


Mama Badger said...

So, you made your own party? Sounds good to me!

Christina - Rant Rave Roll said...

Sounds like you all had fun anyway. That's all that matters really.

Rachael said...

I did a swim day two weeks ago...I mean-who doesn't want to swim in 110 degree weather...NO ONE SHOWED!!! I felt like an idiot with no friends! Oh well-the kids and I swam anyway!

Andrea said...

Well I am glad you went prepared, and not anticipating some sort of pot luck fare for nourishment! Sounds like fun just the same!

Julianna said...

A day at the beach is still... a day at the beach. :)

And who says YOU'RE not the party?!?

Guymons said...

I would have come!!!!!

Stef said...

Saweet! I love it when I am the only one who shows up! But sounds like you didn't let that stop you! (And kids don't REALLY need shoes, do they?)