Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Class Act

Congrats to my little brother for being nominated AND being awarded the University of Illinois Medical Center's "Class Act" Award.This is a HUGE deal!
The Class Act Award recipients are people working in the Medical Center that have demonstrated values and service recognized as being exemplary.
The criteria for this award: This employee is a role model who continuously demonstrates exceptional competence and compassion in the performance of his/her job outstanding example of the University of Illinois Medical Center’s five values: Integrity, Innovation, Service Excellence, Safety, and Accountability.
Chief of Staff, ER physician and the "class act."
Jared: "I am still trying to figure out how this happened. Paperwork mix up?
This is the first time a Resident has received the award.
And it's the first time someone from the Emergency Department has received the award.

Normally, when someone new or a resident is nominated, it's brushed off.
This award is for someone who has a history of excellence and has made a difference, not just in their department but in the entire organization.

Here are some of the comments from his nomination:
“Throughout his shift in the Emergency Department, Dr. Marcucci spends as much time as needed with each of his many patients. He makes sure each patient had a clear understanding of the care they are receiving while in the ER and the plan of care as far as discharge or hospital admission.
Dr. Marcucci is very approachable and has a professional attitude. He listens attentively to anyone who speaks to him. Everyone who worked in the ER is equally as impressed with Dr. Marcucci as I am.

But the events that happened at the end of his shift, make Dr. Marcucci so deserving of the Class Act Award. I received a patient at 05:40am who was in quite a bit of pain. Dr. Marcucci's shift was to end at 6 am. I asked if he could order pain medication for the patient before he left. Not only did Dr. Marcucci immediately order pain medications for this patient but he stayed until 8:30am caring for this patient. I accessed the patient's port-a-cath to administer fluids and pain meds. The patient needed a CT scan of her chest and the port-a-cath had to be removed. Dr. Marcucci started a peripheral line using ultrasound to locate the vein.
Dr. Marcucci explained all the procedure to the patient; he explained the need for admission to the hospital and our plans to control her pain while she remained in the ER. The patient was very appreciative of the care she received from Dr. Marcucci. Dr. Marcucci truly embodies the values of UIMC. His dedication to his patients well being and his profession is genuine.”

The following remarks are summarized by John Williams MD. He incorporated his comments and other comments from various attending physicians and nurses in the ED.
Jared is an intelligent and outgoing resident who is thorough, energetic, genuine and unusually compassionate. Jared’s significant life experiences have given him a sense of perspective beyond his years. In a discipline where the physicians pride themselves on being patient advocates, Jared clearly goes the extra 2 miles. He routinely stays late after the end of his shift to address patients’ needs and assist them in ways both clinical and personal. In fact, he has been known to come in early for shifts in order to go upstairs and see patients he cared for previously in the ED.
Jared is sensitive to the patient’s perspective: he’s committed to ensuring that the patient is well cared for both medically and emotionally. Jared is humble and conscientious, showing a level of empathy that is rare in young doctors of his age. Jared is aware of the many factors affecting illness that others often brush aside.
Jared is friendly and outgoing, and goes beyond being a “team member” by personally engaging with and assisting other individuals no matter their role. He reaches out personally to everyone, it seems, including the entire ED team. As an example, our Emergency Department PharmD and our regular APN in Fast Track both commented on how he introduced himself at their first meeting and made them feel welcome from the beginning and offered his help to them.
Jared always seems to have keen insight into patients’ family and social conditions that ultimately affect their health care. This is a rare trait among young physicians. Our attending physicians agree that he is an astute clinician, keen observer, and an excellent patient listener with a “heart of gold”—an unusual combination. His sense of humor is refreshing and uplifting to those with whom he works. He’s eager to learn and strives to improve his medical care. What is more, he is eager to share his energy and talents, and we are much richer for it.

Congrats Bro!  You ROCK!



Dawn said...

Wow, that's awesome! Congrats to your brother and I must say that it looks like being an all around great person runs in the family!

Rachael said...

Again...I can't wrap my head around Jared being a doctor! But all the praises don't surprise me!

Neal and Shannon Jenks said...

Jared has always been an amazing guy. Give my congrats to Dr. Marcucci!

Sally said...

Jared has truly found his purpose in life - and he glorifies God with his talents. His empathy, compassion, and humility make one wonder if he truly is a Frost descendant - but the sense of humor has FROST all over it!!! :) Kudos!

Julianna said...

But.... is he single????

No wait. I'm not anymore. Sorry, old habits die hard. :)

Seriously, if I'm ever sick in Il, I'll be sure to stop in and say "*cough* Hi! *sneeze, cough, faint* Gina sent me."

valerie said...

That's awesome! Way to go little brother!

gretchen said...

Congratulations to the Doctor! You must be proud!

Not So Simply Single said...

Wow, congratulations to your brother! Probably takes after you, right?

Danelle said...

Wow, that's quite an accomplishment! Especially being the first resident to receive the award. I really wish there were more doctors like Jared out there.

Ann in the UP said...

What a fine honor to receive, and what a great facility to notice and honor such fine behavior!!

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