Thursday, December 1, 2011

I Won! I WON!

Oops!  I thought I posted this last week.
What the heck was I doing?
Shopping for diamonds?
Making pies?
Roasting turkey?
Who doesn't like to win?
I LOVE to win!

My dear friend Andrea over at Maybe it's just me..... gave me this happy little award!
and I get to pass it on to five blogging friends who keep me entertained.
Ooooo............such power!

Without further ado -
* Julianna - over at Surviving Boys.
She's a newlywed with a teen boy and two youngers who regales us with stories about work, domestic life and romance <- if you count working on home improvement projects together as romantic.  She's UBER talented.  She made her own wedding dress!

* Danelle - over at Outnumbered.
She's a mom of all boys. And they keep me almost as entertained as they keep her!  Her photography is beautiful.  Go for the pictures.  Stay for the writing.

* Mama Badger - over at Out of the Boondocks.
She might have the two cutest little boys in the universe.  They are dolls.
And she almost has me convinced that living in the midwest might be fun.

* Andrea - over at The Sock Monkey Mom.
She's an "old" blogger with a "new" blog.  She's a great writer and always has something fun going on.

* Stef - over at Oops...there goes my mind.
She has a pack of funny kids and a humorous husband as well.
She always entertains and lightens my day!

Congrats girlies!
Go forth and treat some of your favorite bloggers with an award!



Danelle said...

Awe, thanks so much! I'm glad my boys are keeping someone entertained. ;)

Not So Simply Single said...

Love your blog Gina! Where is your followers list?

Will be back!


Julianna said...

Thanks girly! I love winning... I entered a contest for a live Christmas tree. Not for myself, but for my sister because she always gets a live tree. She went out and got her tree, and then don't 'cha know.... I won two days later.

I found a deserving family for it, 7 kids... one born yesterday, money's tight, and they most likely wouldn't have had one otherwise. Made me all warm and fuzzy being able to do that. :)

Congrats, and thanks again!

Andrea-The Sock Monkey Mom said...

Ahh, thanks Gina! I love awards, almost as much as diamonds. Or Skittles. Or cupcakes.

If it hadn't been for you I wouldn't have known cupcakes are meant to be eaten for breakfast.