Monday, December 5, 2011

What Could Go Wrong?

It was nice to have Trammell home for Thanksgiving weekend.
It was nice to have Parker home.......wait, he lives here.
Kind of.

The older the kids get, the less you see them.
It's not that hard to say goodbye when they leave for college because they are NEVER home their senior year.
And Parker is no exception.

But he was around more this weekend.
And so, what do you do when the family gets together and you want to have some good ole bonding time?
Okay, so *I* wasn't home.
I'm not stupid!
I heard "work" and I suddenly had to run some errands.
I think I went to the grocery store because there was NO FOOD in the house after Thanksgiving. ;)
But Brian told the boys he just needed an hour or so to gather up the fallen leaves and pine needles.
They had bagged up ten 40 gallon trash bags and still had several to go.
Boredom set in.
Boredom is BAD!
Boredom is dangerous!
But you've gotta love kids who can make work lethal fun.
Why BAG the leaves when you can BURN them?

Is that even legal?
What could go wrong?
Really........what could go right?

Just as I pulled up, a neighbor girl came running down the street to say that some neighbors up the hill had just called them and asked if our house was on fire.  They could see the flames and were getting ready to call 911.
Luckily, no one was injured and no property was damaged.  Everyone just smelled like a forest fire.



Andrea said...

but it seems so much safer than that whole longboard thing that was going on a few months back...scary thought!

H.K. said...

You have such a cool family- I can tell you guys have fun even when you're working!

Julianna said...


We burned this weekend also. Although we burned excess wood, not leaves. We would have set the whole neighborhood on fire if we had lit the leaves.

Course we did burn in half an oil tank, with excess oil in it... surprised no one called the fire dept. from the inital smoke. :)

Andrea-The Sock Monkey Mom said...

Well the house is still standing so that's good could have been worse, I suppose!