Friday, December 2, 2011

Two Parties & a Funeral

Is it seriously Friday?
Well, according to Mrs. 4444 it is.
I need five more days.  We have a crazy weekend and I need it to be Monday so I can get ready for Friday. Can you believe I am saying that?  What is WRONG with me?

Don’t answer that.                            
·         Priorities for today –

o  Order Funeral Flowers

o   Make a Christmas Carol Trivia Game

o   Buy Christmas presents for the Company #1 Christmas Party.

o   Write a letter to the school administration saying I support Parker graduating early.

·         Yeah, the Christmas Party for Company #1 is tomorrow.  It was supposed to be at MY HOUSE.  It was supposed to be TONIGHT.  Yep – Company #1 Friday and Company #2 Saturday night.  My house isn’t even decorated for Christmas……….unless you count a tree with 5 decorations and a ladder in the middle of the room as festive.

·         Luckily, I talked Company #2 into having their Christmas party in January.  And then I moved Company #1 to Saturday………and out of my house. Phew!  Now, I’m only in charge of games and presents.  I can do this!!!!

·         Would you ever order this – for a funeral?
I hope not.

·         Trammell is over-the-top goofy in love.  Yesterday, I spoke with him three times. 

“What are you doing?”

“Well, my beautiful fiancée and I are driving to………..”
                “We are talking about dates for the Colorado and Minnesota open houses, do you think…. Oh here….you can talk to my beautiful fiancée.”
I love it!
·         Parker may or may not graduate a semester early.  Yeah, we know the deadline to make that decision was 2 ½ months ago. At the time, he didn’t think he would graduate because 1) he was still 16 and didn’t want to start college in January as a brand new 17 year old. 2) he thought 2nd semester would be “fun.”  Having all your college apps turned in, knowing your grades don’t really count for much, hanging out with all of your friends sounded kind of appealing.  But now that he’s bored out of his skull………it doesn’t sound THAT fun.

Well, I've got to get to work on these priorities!
Happy Weekending!


Guymons said...

what about lacrosse, if he graduates early, he wont be able to play, right? (I think sports kept my kids in school, haha!)

Guymons said...

I am sort of envious of you for one part of your life right now....e mail me if you want to know what it is...

Danelle said...

Is it a red ladder? Because that would be festive! My husband was 17when I met him at college--but that's just because Canada has different deadlines to start school.

Rachael said...

I go back and forth between ordering flowers for funerals...What do people do with all the flowers they get? Doesn't it make them sad when they are all dead and ugly? I don't know. I am sad that I can't go to the funeral though! My thoughts are with them though! I love that family!

Andrea said...

Not a fan of funeral flowers, but am not convinced those count as such (oh, but still not a fan of those either).

I have so many decorations out right now, in an attempt to find festiveness (not festivus...although I do air my grievances), and can't believe I still have to deal with a tree!

Julianna said...

I say put lights on the ladder and stick the "elf" on it.

But seriously, I remember last year's post on the stairway garland... you may want to get on that before we find Valentine's decorations in with the glitter corn.

Rachael said...

I can't imagine organizing any big Christmas parties. I'm slow getting into the spirit this year! I hope it all comes together in time.

Andrea-The Sock Monkey Mom said...

Graduating early sounds fun...until you count going to college. But assure him there's plenty of trouble he can get into in college. I'm sure he'll come around :)

Happy Friday!