Friday, September 12, 2008

Confessions of a Blog Stalker

I was talking to my friend about blogs and she had a few questions. So I am writing this post about HER and HER blog stalking. First of all, if you don't know what blog stalking is then you are missing out. I is a sick and twisted waste of time!

Blog Stalking is going to one of your friend's blogs and looking at the little list that is usually located on the right side of the blog page. The list is of other peoples' blogs who your friend is friends with but you are not. You click on a random friend and voyeuristically read about strangers. Then you click on one their friends. (You are now two removed from anyone you know). But who knows! You might run into someone you know.

So after spending some time blog stalking,
My Friend has a few questions:

1) Does anyone over 35 have a blog? What could they possibly blog about now that their uterus is dried up and they don't have any of THESE pics to post!
2) People! Quit setting your blogs on PRIVATE! How am I, I mean my friend, supposed to stalk you if you set it on private? That takes ALL the fun out of stalking!

3) Where the heck do these names come from? I mean some of the 1st generation of bloggers have normal names, but then some.........not so much. Here are some of the names
my friend has seen:

Apryl - what's with the Y's on these names?

Maybe the people were typing too fast when they entered their names.

And then there are these bloggers' childrens' names. Your are RUINING your children! What are they named after? Small towns in Canada? Car Prototypes?

What's the sex? Brecken, Gibson, Kenlee,

Guess where dad went on his mission? Holland, Montana, Sheyenne, Nicoise

Others: Stryder, Cache, Creed, Ryken, Jailee, Ranan and Jayden/Jaden/Jaidon

4) Does EVERYONE know SOMEONE who does photography? How many photographers does the world need? Is no one working on a cure for cancer anymore?

Well those are just a few things I, I mean My Friend, noticed while blog stalking. I personally would NEVER blog stalk. I ONLY look at my own personal friends' blogs that I am invited to look at. And now that I think about it, probably my friend is the ONLY one in the world to blog stalk. Right? I mean you would never do it and I am sure that only close friends and family read this blog. Right?


{Amy} said...

LOL I'm still laughing cause it's all TRUE!!!!!!!!!! I have been blog stalking you Gina, this is ((kanga from the board)) I try to stay off people's blog lists so I can't be stalked!! I'll send you mine. And yes, everyone is a photographer!!!

Lisa :) said...

Hey! I think your friend has found me! :) Thanks for lookin'.


missty said...

So funny! And so true! I blog stalk to, er... I mean I have a friend who blog stalks. And Lisa, who is that who posted on your blog?!?! Way too funny!!!

Jess said...

I will admit to blog stalking you right now. I dont know who you are but I find your blog hilarious so I just keep reading it. You can blog stalk me too if you would like. It is under JessMess on :)