Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I Passed!

Yep! I passed! I got an A.....even though I missed a couple on the True/False portion and I didn't know the answers to a couple of the fill in the blanks. I still did a "great job!"

Yesterday was my annual exam and it was way harder than I remember it being. I should have studied! Like on question 16: Do you exercise regularly? It was just a yes or no answer. I think that you should be able to explain. I wanted to write....."I hate to sweat." or "The only time I have is between 2 am and 4 am." But they just wanted you to limit your answers to checking the Yes or No box. I could have lied. But then, that was the last question. #264 -"Did you lie on any of the above?"

All the stuff you would want to lie about - like your weight- were filled in by the nurse. Right when she opens the door and calls your name, you walk 3 inches and step on a scale. They finally got smart though. There is a little table by the scale for your purse and shoes. Cuz who is going to weigh themselves with their purse?

So back to the parts of the test that I had control over. The rest of the True/False went fine. I knew all the answers. "Do you wear sunscreen everyday?" Okay, I don't, but I knew the answer was supposed to be yes. So I marked it. And I was right. That was the correct answer! Along with "Do you have guns in the house and where do you store the ammuntion?" Ummm....what does that have to do with my private parts? I think that was one of those trick questions thrown in there for fun. Got it right though!

As far as the fill in the blank. Why do they ask you questions that they know the answer to? "When was your last tetanus shot?" "When was your cholesterol last checked?" I had to put "?" I didn't know, but I knew the doctor knew and if he already knows, then why was he asking? Yep - he didn't mark me off for the "?" because I was right! He knew!

I remember him ordering a full blood panel a few years ago. I didn't do so well at that exam because he asked about my eating habits. I told him I always ate stuff from all four food groups - Fat, Sugar, Salt and Caffeine. Turns out, those aren't the four food groups. He asked about breakfast - yep - eat it everyday! Usually it's 4 pieces of bacon and a coke. Sometimes it's cookies though instead of the bacon. He thought he'd order the blood panel and show me the results of sticking to my diet. Well, well, well.........seems the nitrates are working for me. Low cholsterol, low blood pressure and low weight. I am an underachiever!

So yeah. He looked at this year's weight and blood test and didn't even bother ordering more tests or arguing with my health habits. He finished the tests and closed his file folder, said I looked good and that he'd see me next year.

Eventually my luck will run out. I'll answer one too many questions incorrectly and get a B. But for now......pass me a cupcake!


Theresa said...

Congratulations on passing. I wasn't sure if that was your blood type or not, but I'm guessing it wasn't. LOL It's mine though-- A+ so that's why I thought of it. LOL Hope all continues to go well for your future exams. :)

missty said...

Oh how funny!! Hysterical! Glad you passed! And the gun question what does that have to do with, you know "down there" lol I was just talking to someone who is old enough to call "down there" somethig besides "down there" I was laughing so hard after I left her. I have that appointment, next month I hope I pass! lol I always say my doctor is right behind Matt in seeing me in all my glory! He has been my OBGYN, since I had Todd, almost 23 years ago!