Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Giving in to Exhaustion

I don't know what is wrong with these slugs! It's only 4 in the afternoon. And it's only Wednesday. We are 24 hours away from the Homecoming Parade and I know a few floats that need every minute of every hour to be completed. What are these two thinking?
So here's what it has been like this week

5:15 - Get up for seminary

7:00 - Go to school - Spirit days every week so you can't just go to school. You have to go to school in costume and be involved in some funky lunch time activity. You might even be in charge of the activity.........but you are NOT just going to sit around during your lunch break.

2:50 - Get out of school

3:00 - Lacrosse. If you don't have lacrosse then you better get over to the house where the float is being built. If you have homework.....well.........where are your priorities? You better get to the float

6:30 - Realize that you are starving and order something or order someone to bring you something at the float.

7:00 - Every night is a different Homecoming activity. If you are in leadership, you are required to attend..........but you still have to pay the $5 entrance fee.

9:30 Return home hungry and tired and start homework.

Today was the SPIRIT BUS. Garrett was excused from all classes. Gee thanks!
Everyone hops on a bus and goes to elementary schools spreading good cheer and ridiculousness. Basically, the little kids get out of class and line the halls while the flag boys lead the football players, cheerleaders, marching band and other spirited youth in a screaming, whooping running mass through the hall ways of the school.
All the children hold out their hands in hopes of getting a high five from someone big and sweaty. It just inspires the 1st graders and encourages them to dream big. "Oooo Ooo, I hope when I am pimply and hairy, I can dress in some kind of uniform with a headband and run through the halls like those guys! Yes! That would be the ultimate."
Now lest you are not yet impressed, please understand............the first lap through the school is merely a "getting acquainted" lap. The second lap is for the children to yell out the names of those big sisters and brothers and cousins that they thought they recognized on lap 1. By then the cheerleaders are beginning to glow, the football players are tired, the teachers fail to see how this will enhance their educational day and the children are overstimulated and it's time for everyone to settle down and for the high schoolers to get back on the bus and move on to terrorize another elementary school.
But we can't let the fun end there. This calls for the flag boys to make one last sprint through the school. This makes all the boys reconsider their dreams of being quarterback!

Tonight there is NO activity. Phew........maybe some homework can get done. Oh but wait! Tomorrow is the parade. The floats are is disarray..........except for the seniors who have been done for a week. (Or should I say their parents have been done for a week? I'm NOT bitter!) So it's all hands on deck for an all nighter. You would think these floats were being entered in the Rose Parade (until you saw them). So no homework tonight. Sorry. But that's okay because Parker informed me that he doesn't have school tomorrow.

"Wait! Why don't you have school." I'm thinking really hard and digging in my brain for reasons when he says, "Oh, I'm excused all day. We'll be building the bonfire."

Right! How could I forget? There is nothing more important, not geometry, biology or english, than the bonfire. I mean, it's stupid when people miss class to go to the orthodontist or say, a funeral. But missing class to build the bonfire is a completely reasonable excuse.

Come back in a couple of days! I'll have pics of tomorrow's parade, BBQ, pep rally and bonfire. Nope - no homework tomorrow night either!

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Stacy said...

Our local high school athletes and cheerleaders came running through our school last week--the week of the community pep rally. (We're part of a large district, but only one high school in our town.) The best part? Watching the big, burly, manly, tough football players give all the little kids high-fives and such, and then head straight for the bathroom sinks to wash their hands. LOL Big babies.