Friday, September 26, 2008


Talk about a party! The day started early. Parker was the only freshman on the Bonfire Committee. Pretty much, everybody wants to be on the bonfire committee because
1) It's a fire!!!! Who doesn't like fire?
2) You get to build the fire!!! The only thing better than watching a fire is actually being the owner of the fire.
3) You get your very own LAMINATED Dumpster Diving Pass. Yeah! You get to spend school hours leaving campus, going to construction dumpsters and scrounging wood. There is NO better school assignment than this.
AND 4) You miss ONE WHOLE DAY of school to build the bonfire.

You have until about 1:00 to get it done and then the fire marshall comes to okay it. Then when she leaves, you add a couple of feet to the fire (just six or seven more pallets). Then the Activities Director from the school comes out to check on it about 2 and says "Enough." As soon as she leave.........stack a few more pallets on the thing and you got a fire!

So we started partying at 4:00 with the Flag Boys leading the parade.
Here are some of the floats. Oops! I left out the juniors (and I have one!) and I left out the seniors who did win first place.

We all enjoyed the barbeque and the carnival games, bouncy castles, velcro walls, inflatable slides etc. And then we settled in for the pep rally, which for me is merely a time filler until the BIG EVENT - the sun going down!

The fire marshall is getting smarter in her old age. She brought a picture of the bonfire she approved at 1. She said this was "larger" now than it had been at 1. Hmmmmmmm. I don't know how that happened. They also wanted to move the barricades even further away from the fire. The principal assured them that once the fire was lit, everyone would move back.

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missty said...

I just showed Spencer the bonfire! He loves it!! "They are so lucky!" lol We can't do anything like that here, everything is so dry it would surely catch something on fire. lol

Who doesn't like fire? lol