Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Yippee! It's Wednesday and that means I've survived 1/2 the week already. I've taught three seminary lessons and lived. And I have a fresh email from Trambodia. Wednesday rocks! So here is what I LOVE about this week (so far).

I LOVE - the giggle from a 17 year old boy upon discovering that old people (anyone over 25) have BFF's and hang out with friends too! I was leaving seminary and this voice calls out, "Sister Cox?" When I turn around, he says, "Margaret Noble told me to tell you 'hi.'"

He's almost giddy as if he has discovered something secret. "Yeah Margaret told me that you guys talk almost everyday and see each other a few times a week." He is incredulous! He even asked Margaret, "So like what do you guys do?" I think he had images of us down in the basement "hanging out" and playing video games. I love the innocence. I love that in his own teen aged life, it never occurred to him that anyone else in the universe would have/want a friend.

I LOVE that even when it is -2 degrees, the sun shines in the kitchen window onto the soap and lotion dispenser. Do you know how good WARM lotion feels? It makes me smile!

I LOVE school buses/America/teenagers and LET IT ROCK by Kevin Rudolf featuring Lil Wayne (of Course). I know - weird combination. Hang in here with me. I dropped the kids off from seminary at the high school. Just as they hopped out, Let it Rock came on the radio. (I know! Way to maintain that spiritual high.) So I cranked it! Way up!

And then I looked around the parking lot at all the kids getting out of their cars in their hoodies, with back packs, out into the freezing weather. And then buses pull up and I think, "Wow, look at all these kids coming here in the cold, to get an education, to learn, to live. I love them! I don't even know all of them and I love them. I love America and that education is a priority and that we have so many opportunities." You can see where I am going with this. And then I start to cry as I sing Let it Rock at the top of my lungs in my Molly Mormon skirt and tights because I am so grateful for school buses/America/teenagers and Let it Rock.

Lastly, but not, I LOVE the tender mercies of the Lord! When I got out of bed this morning, I seriously thought I would die! But I didn't!

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Stephdeezy said...

Oh my seriously I love you for your blog. You almost always have a lesson hidden in there somewhere. But this one was good it made me want to be grateful for the same things. Thanks Gina!