Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Better Than Email!

Wednesdays are always exciting at our house.
They are the days that Garrett gets to email us from the Missionary Training Center!!!

While the boys are on missions, they have one day a week that is considered "Preparation Day" or P-Day as it is affectionately known.
It's the day to do laundry, sitesee, go to the grocery store and WRITE YOUR FAMILY!
While they are in the Missionary Training Center, they have P-Day and it's much the same as when you are out on your mission except for the siteseeing and grocery store going.
There's nothing they need to see in Provo, UT and they eat in a cafeteria.
So you would think that would leave them more time to WRITE!!!
But NO!
They have 30 minutes.  That's it!
But I wait by my computer with bated breath.

About the only thing MORE EXCITING than the weekly email is IF we receive a BONUS handwritten letter in the mail - the REAL mail box!
It's such a wonderful surprise.
Last week, we received a letter AND something EVEN BETTER!

Someone......and Garrett.
I don't know if this is his companion because I can't read his name tag.

At the famous MTC map.........pointing to where they are going.
Maybe this is his companion.  I don't know since I can't see his tag!

In the classroom.
I know the girl to Garrett's left ISN'T his companion......and I don't need to read her tag to figure that out.

At the temple

Garrett.........and someone else.

So even more fun that "hearing" from them is "seeing" them!


Mama Badger said...

Yup, better than a letter (almost). Does he get to call you?

Danelle said...

Hooray for pictures! How much longer does he have in the MTC?

Guymons said...

thanks for sharing the pictures....what a great son for sending them.

Don and Kelley said...

The pictures are awesome!!!! I have turned into one of those moms too. Yes, I check my e-mails a ton of times on Wednesday waiting for my e-mail!