Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy Birthday PK!

It's everyone's favorite RaNDoM day!
Get on over to Stacy's and link up,
She's the Queen of RaNDoM!


* Guess who is having a RaNDoM birthday over here at Crazyville?
Yep - Tiny Baby/Sir Bubs/Stinky Pete/Bubsy/PK/Parker turns 17 today!
Happy 17th to Parker!

* I tried to get him to cuddle with me last night.
"Come on! I will NEVER be able to cuddle with a 16 year old again!"
He assured me that I would be able to cuddle with a 16 year old grandchild.
Really?  I'll be ancient.  No one wants to cuddle with their grandma!

* So if you are working, how do you get ANYTHING done?
Just wondering.

* Also, if you are wondering what the weather is like elsewhere in the world,
particularly in Brasov, Romania, it looks like this -

Good thing Garrett got his new winter coat!  It's currently 3 pm there and a toasty 35.

* Today is the FIRST meeting for the High School Four Square Club.
According to Parker, "It's a big deal!"
He has the Foursquare balls and the masking tape to mask off the tennis courts after school.
Can't they just come home and do homework?

*Well, I must go search for the inflatable birthday cake.  I looked high and low and couldn't find it!

Come on! There's only so many places to store a 4 foot cake!


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty thankful it isn't that cold here, though the rest of this week is supposed to get cool. Well, cool for Florida. Happy Tuesday!

valerie said...

Happy Birthday Parker! I can already bet your day will be filled with lot's of fun! :)

Cathy Kennedy said...

Here in the southeast, we aren't having to worry with such frigid cold weather, but begining tomorrow things are supposed to cool off a bit with the highs only in the 50s. That's gonna feel strange.

My 17 year old son loves for me to play with his hair and occasionally he'll grab me for a big hug. He tells me, "I'm feeling needy." Really so that's what it is. lol

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Guymons said...

Happy Birthday Parker!!! Have fun at 4 square club. I work as a yard duty at an elem school and the kids play 4 square WAY different than when I played when I went to school ages ago...they play more of an "upsy" way, we hit the ball down, hard and tried to get the person out. THey also make up tons of rules as they go. Wonder which way Parker's club will play???

Danelle said...

Happy Birthday to Parker! I love his clown costume! ;) And I'm so glad we're not having Romania weather yet--but I have a feeling it won't be long.

Kristine said...

I work full time on graveyards and can't get anything done. On any given day it's an effort just to make coffee. I save it up for the weekend and plow through what I can until I get fed up. I'm beginning to think a cleaning lady might be a smart idea....if anything just for my sanity.

Andrea said...

I couldn't get anything done yesterday, and I was here...alone ...for over four hours...not even on the phone--yikes!

Happy Birthday Parker! Could he please post the official foursquare box dimensions?!

Julianna said...

When you find the cake, overnight it to me!

I will be 37 tomorrow.


Happy Birthday Tiny Baby!

Sally said...

Just how many kids in the family actually wore that clown costume I made for Molly, who passed it to Emmy, then to Amanda, Jonnie??? Then all of the Marcucci kids??? Molly is 30 years older than Parker, so that thing really made the rounds!!! :) Happy Birthday to Parker! Yes - how does anyone who works get anythign else done? Follow me around for a week, and I guarantee you will be worn out! :) Love you, Gina! Now make sure you get a hefty paycheck from that company!!!

Sally said...

Oops! I just realized Molly is only 20 years older than Parker! She would kill me for pushing her further!! :)

Christina - Rant Rave Roll said...

Well a big 'ol Happy Birthday to Parker. Ask for cuddles on your birthday... you're more likely to get them.

Brrr... I remember why I like living in Texas.

Allison said...

Happy birthday Parker! Chloe had to get on here to look at pictures of Uncle Tramm she sure does miss him!

Stacy Uncorked said...

I don't know why, but I started giggling when I saw the first picture and spied '17'...LOVE the comparison between then and now - and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to PK! :) He really should humor you with at least one cuddle, though. ;)

Did you find that 4-foot cake? ;)

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Stef said...

I was wondering what the weather was like there...in Bolivia? (Right? My short term memory...not so good.)
How fun that you have an inflatable birthday cake. I need to start something like that. Hmmmmm

Guymons said...

I only have a second and dont want to try to figure out how to leave you a message to respond to the message you left me, so I'm communicating here, hope that's cool! haha!
I don't like the primary sacrament programs either. And don't think the kids saying things that are whispered into their ears are cute either. Our ward has a terrible music leader and the kids don't know the songs either. It's going to be a torturous hour for everyone next Sunday!
But, guess what, I'm not going to be there! I am going to Virginia to visit Melanee and William!!!! (If I can get on the standby flight!!!)