Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Today I am blogging live from Trammell's Sex and Gender class. It doesn't get more exciting than this! If it's not exciting enough, you can go see Miss Stacy's and hang out.


* Trammell wanted to ditch his Psychological Writing class but I wouldn't let him! Cuz I'm the mom and I know what's best! At least it was best for him....not necessarily for me! He spent the entire period hacking my blog and composing yesterday's lovely guest post. He's grounded now.

* We're talking about maxi pads right now and Premenstrual symptoms.
You should be here!

* Aside from this current discussion, we have had so much fun visiting Trammell at our Alma mater.

* We went to the football game Saturday. There were 9 of us spread throughout the 47,000 seat stadium. By half time, we were all on the third row of the end zone. As proof that we are so much more mature than we were when we originally college students, everyone pooled their money together to convince Parker to jump the railing, run up to a cheerleader, plant a kiss and get back without being thrown out or arrested. He wouldn't do it for $86. Where is his sense of his adventure?

* We went to brunch with Trammell's girlfriend's family and spent two hours laughing at the kids' expense. I think we're going to have a lot of fun.

* We went to the bookstore, the cafeteria (where the food is MORE expensive and LESS appealing than it was 25 years ago) and attended class.  Parker had meetings with counselors in the Neuroscience department and Admissions. We ate wings twice and lots of ice cream.  And I bought two mint brownies, never opened the bag and threw them out two days later.

*Oh wait! The teacher just asked how we should talk to our children about impending puberty.  THIS is my favorite topic to discuss with my children.  I am SURE Trammell wants me to participate in this part of the class.

* Yep, I was right.  I said that it's important to be open with children and start young in discussions on sex and development.  Then I cited my awesome parenting skills of barging into Trammell's room when he was younger and asking, "Do you have any hair yet."  Why is Trammell red? He is soooo glad he invited me to class.  Revenge is sweet....especially pubic revenge (I meant to leave the "l" out). 

* But all good things must come to an end.  Brian and I leave this afternoon.  Parker comes home tomorrow.  Denver is awaiting us with threats of 16 degrees and snow tomorrow. I better enjoy the last few hours of blue skies, a beautiful campus with hundreds of 150 year old trees in all their autumnal glory, and the campus candy store.

Happy Tuesday!


Mama Badger said...

I think you should have recorded this lecture for us! That's hysterical. Parker is just no fun ;( Not smooching a cheerleader for you guys.

Guymons said...

man, why didn't I go to class with William...THAT could have been fun. I did go to Institute with Melanee! Glad you had a fun trip!

Andrea said...

Uh-oh, so that wasn't your work yesterday? Well then you can tell that young man it was not funny...not funny at all...no matter that I left two separate comments indicating that it was.

Kristine said...

ROFL!!! Too funny! Gotta love parental embarassment.

Julianna said...

You do realize I'm taking notes to use on my children later, right?

But I have to say, on the cafeteria food... I went to a college that had the best culinary program in the area. We NEVER went hungry. :)

Andrea said...

Hehe, I wondered what that was about but I never figured you got hacked!

Ah, I'm pretty sure you exacted that wicked revenge so he's not likely to forget anytime soon who's the boss :)

Rachael said...

That is awesome!!! You are hilarious!

AbigailDawn said...

ROFL, wow, I don't blame him for turning read, but you're right, it's best to be very opinion in such discussions. We have some very memorable (that we wished we could forget) Family Home Evenings with these topics and us going "Necking? Petting? What the heck are you talking about?" and my mom saying here we'll show you. As a parent now I'm at least grateful that my parents displayed affection for each other, and those FHE did get the point across without crossing a line.....