Thursday, October 27, 2011

Truth is.........If it Wasn't MY Idea, it Was Negligent!

My sister in law took my sweet, naughty, super smart 2 1/2 year old nephew to Hcsub Snedrag the other day.
Truth is.......I am spelling it backwards on purpose!

I knew it wasn't Disneyland but I thought it was along the lines as Six Flags.
Truth looks like it's about 1/2 step up from a travelling carnival.

But it does sound like something my nephew would like.
Truth is.........he HATED it.

Me sister in law sent me this still shot.
Truth is......I was a little bit worried that he was on the ride alone.  But hey, it's only like 2 feet off the ground.  What could go wrong.

Then she sent me this video

Truth is...........the ride is goes 8 feet in the air!  WHO let's their "baby" go on this ride.

I called me sister in law.
Truth nephew answered "Hi Nana!"

Who is running this house?
Truth is........I think we all know.

I didn't think he would know what I was talking about if I asked him how he liked Hcsub Snedrag. So I asked, "Did you have fun going to the park and going on the rides?"
Truth is.........he still didn't know what I was talking about.

"You know!  The place where you sit on the seat and there is a seat belt and the seat goes up in the air?"
Truth is..........he answered, "No, no seat belt."

"What? There was NO SEAT BELT?"
"Your mom is negligent!  Can you say negligent?"
"Say negligent."
"No. I'm playing cars."
Truth is........there was a seat belt.

Still! Who let's their "baby" ride on that kind of death machine?
Truth is.............I probably would have let my 2 1/2 year old ride that ride too.

I LOVE "Truth is........Thursday!"
Go on over to Surviving Boys and join in the fun.
Truth is...........Juliana is awesome for sponsoring it!


Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

Truth is.... the things parents do... scare us more and more... but then kids seem to not be as scared as we were - when we were small... Still negligent - for all... Glad it was not your idea.

Julianna said...

Thanks for playing!!!

I often look at some of those rides and say "No way in He11"

But yet, here we are, suspended in the harness, feet dangling, whirling arround in a triple loop, and then doing it all again backwards.

So sad about "HS" I went to both Tampa and Virginia when I was a kid and loved it!

Mimi said...

The day was doomed from the start...he first got clothes-lined by a roped off area while I was purchasing tickets. He did really well the rest of the day, just did not want to ride any rides. He did eventually ride on the merry-go-round at the end of the day.

BTW...HS does need some work, but the kids loved it! Just like we did when we were little.